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What happens when couples can’t stop fighting?

When a young married couple get sucked into the video game they’re playing, they have to win the game to get back to their kid. But is the game trying to help them learn to cooperate? Or is it showing them the writing’s on the wall for their troubled relationship?

Critically acclaimed at The Blue Room Summer Nights and South Africa’s National Arts Festival Fringe (and invited to perform at Don Russel Performing Arts Centre’s Beyond The Fringe), “10,000” is stylish, action-packed, hilarious and heart wrenching. Jess Mess & Co supported by Umbrella Works is bringing it to this year’s Subiaco Arts Festival, staging the definitive version for Perth audiences with dynamic new cast member Tristan McInnes.

Aimed at Millennials, Gen X’ers and older Gen Y’s who grew up on console games, the play still speaks to Baby Boomers curious to see what the younger generation is getting up to! The great appeal of the production lies in its ingenious presentation – you only ever see the action as if you’re watching the screen the characters are playing on. This takes us from the comedy of clunky, computer generated video game movements into something more cinematic when the characters get sucked into the game’s science fiction fantasy world. And because the married couple playing the game are older than their ‘avatars’ appear, the play is actually a sophisticated look at married life (with kids) for 20-, 30- and 40-somethings.

Did we mention there’s sword fighting? In a nod to the outrageous but inventive world of gaming, the game the couple are playing is set in space where people fight with space swords. The epically choreographed combat has been created by Perth’s undisputed fight maestro Andy Fraser, and is thrilling to witness at close quarters. As reviewers have noted, the fighting isn’t merely decorative – it’s a key part of telling the story of a couple ‘at war’.

About Jess Mess & Co and Umbrella Works Inc.

Jess Mess & Co is a new company that stages the works of Jessica Messenger.

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