A Fabulous Teleportation Experiment

SHOW STATUS: Ready to Tour

CATEGORY: Get Together

Email Address: pierreulric@gmail.com

Company Website: http://pierreulric.com

Producer Name: Pierre Ulric - Mysteries

Synopsis ( max 1500): A mad scientist is trapped between dimensions. Will he find a way to teleport back?
All will be revealed in this crazy and dynamic show that is part magic and illusion, part science, all fun and learning!

In Pierre Ulric’s Words: “I wanted to develop a brand new family festival show that was highly energetic, stimulating to the imagination, educational and original. With that in mind, I wrote this script which contains a simple yet strong, whimsical storyline… I’m very excited!”

This original show incorporates story telling, visual illusions, strong moments of magic, educational science, modern clowning, physical comedy and fun interactive routines involving young assistants from the audience. This production will definitely appeal to school groups, families and inquisitive minds of all ages.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): - “Pierre Ulric is a master at his craft” - ★★★★½ - The Australia Times

- “Done with such style and flair that you can’t help but smile and clap” - ★★★★½ - The Fourth Wall

- “One beautifully enigmatic extravaganza’’ - Beat Magazine Melbourne

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