Kate Pass


Company / Producer Name:           Kate Pass

Production Title:                                Kohesia Presents: A Night of Persian Jazz

Contact Person:                                  Kate Pass

Contact Email:                                    kate@katepass.com

Show Status:                                       Tour ready

Genre:                                                  Live Music

Journey with Kohesia Ensemble and experience the evocative sounds of Persian music played in a unique jazz style. New original music exploring unusual time structures and microtonal melodies will transport you to another place. 

 Led by double bassist Kate Pass, the Kohesia Ensemble serves as a platform for Kate’s original compositions, which are influenced by her passion for both jazz and Persian music. Kohesia Ensemble explores unusual time structures and microtonal melodies, combining the sounds of Persian flute (ney), percussion (daf) lute (saz) and oud with jazz instruments for a truly unique listening experience. 

 The show is presented as a concert. There will be several songs, with talking in between to engage the audience, and provide explanations of songs and instruments.

  “…The music they make is unique, inventive and varied. Origins starts off as a cool jazz number then the faster tempo leads to a joyful Middle Eastern finale. Shifting Sands is dreamy and evocative, Ricki Malet’s trumpet lights up the venue in a rousing number called Moon Gate, while Saeed Danesh, on tonbak and Danny Susnjar, on drums got the audience clapping. The show is ably fronted by Kate Pass on bass…Kohesia makes great music. If you can grab a ticket I strongly advise you to go and see it.” ★★★★½ – Antonio Casella, Fringefeed, 2019 "...Pass’ compositions and musical palette are far from mere exotica – in fact, the conversational mix of Western and Middle-Eastern music could not be more timely, with the current world schisms and tensions between the two cultures. To hear these voices side-by-side, talking and twining together is an almost political call for hope – one where neither side sees the other as ‘the other’..." -John Hardaker, Australianjazz.net, 2018 “Moving out of the sun to the Rehearsal Room the Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble offered a varied jazz experience with strong Persian influences mixed with contemporary jazz. The microtonal elements of Esfander Shahmir’s daf (frame drum) and Mike Zolker’s oud playing were well backed and harmonised by Marc Osborne on saxophone, Ricki Malet on trumpet, Chris Foster’s piano and the brilliantly versatile percussion of Daniel Susnjar. Pass provided musical direction, composition and the tempered sounds of her bass. Selections from the 2018 album Kohesia included Nahafsi, Catalyst, Origin and Moongate and showcased Pass’s well-articulated melding of Persian folk music and western jazz. The band’s superlative musical improvisation was underpinned by the cadence of Daniel Susnjar’s drumming.” – Steve Baitz, Seesaw Magazine, 2018