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Talitha Maslin and Dane Yates 


Company / Producer name:             Talitha Maslin and Dane Yates

Production Title:                                 Amity

Contact Person:                                  Talitha Maslin

Contact Email:                                     talithamaslin@gmail.com

Show Status:                                       Ready to tour in the future - needs remount development period.

Genre:                                                Interdisciplinary; Live Music and Dance

On our voyage, we dive into an ocean of uncertainty, anticipation and euphoria; two people on a quest to connect.


Amity is defined as friendship; peaceful harmony, mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship. Our work explores amity within collaboration. Interestingly the brig Amity bought the first soldier settlement to Kinjarling, or Albany in WA and is the site where this works initial development took place. The arrival holds memories of friendly relations, sharing and collaboration, a rare situation with historical significance which inspires the core concept of this work. Through abstract scenes, we reveal stories of whaling, peace and friendship, and the hardship that comes with learning a new way of living. We take inspiration for the imagery of the work from these stories and the landscape of Albany/Kinjarling so it will remain grounded in the land in which it was developed. The premise of the work is the composer and choreographer relinquish creative control to each other, blurring the lines of ownership and pushing creative boundaries. By swapping creative roles, we dive into an ocean of uncertainty, anticipation and euphoria. We go on a journey of connection, separation support and lead each other into the unknown. The inherent communication between music is dance is what drives the storyline. We start in our comfort zones, at ease. As the story unfolds, we face moments that cause us to change, swap, step into the unknown. As new growth happens, we pin point the difficulty within this change and eventually find harmony. We use cords and cables as a metaphor for our connection and as a hint towards the ropes aboard the replica Brig Amity in Albany.


Our stage design reflects our signature punk rock style. Edgy and dark, raw and exposed, an ease and simplicity that reflects us as a collaborative team. We use an electric keyboard, microphone, cables and guitar leads. We use this equipment not only to make live sound, but as props to alter the space, adding layers of fragility, power and abuse. Sound is integral to the work, we use a blend of live and recorded sound to open greater possibilities for movement and creative exchange. The show attempts to play with the audiences emotions. We consider the rhythm of change and how this can be used to play with perception. Our goal was not to take ourselves seriously, allowing free flow creation and not limiting the use of humour within the work. As a result, the work maintains can highlight the moment of fragility when each person crosses into discomfort and demonstrate support and trust.