Dee Madigan

Well known Gruen panellist Madigan is an award-winning Creative Director with over 20 year’s experience. Responsible for campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, Madigan will speak on two of the most pressing topics of our time in marketing, Why Creativity Matters, and   Marketing - Why assuming people don't care is the best place to start.Madigan runs her own Advertising Agency, Campaign Edge, and famously said, “idiotic marketers should be sent to the naughty corner for a very long time.”

 She is a published author having released the Hard Sell (MUP 2014) as well as a contributing author on Mothermorphosis (MUP 2015) and Perspectives on Change (ANU 2015) and Unbreakable (MUP 2017).   An award winning marketing leader with decades of  experience in the industry she has worked on 11 election campaigns. Madigan has a strong background in social and political marketing campaigns for Federal, State and local Governments, as well as for a range of NFPs and has spoken at numerous national and international forums as well as being a frequentexpert TV guest in her fields of expertise.