Sun-Mi Clyburn


Company / Producer Name:    Sun-Mi Clyburn

Production Title:                       Audiotherapy: a journey through the dark

Contact Person:                       Sun-Mi Clyburn

Contact Email:                         sunmi.clyburn@gmail.com

Company Website:                  https://www.theaudiotherapist.com/

Show Status:                           Ready to tour now

Genre:                                      Storytelling and live music


Who said talking about depression has to be depressing? Join our seven-piece band on a journey through the dark - we promise there is a light on the other side!

Audiotherapy is a personal account in storytelling and music about depression and everything that comes with it. The show is largely biographical in nature. I take the audience on "a journey through the dark" and present in depth the realities of taking medication, recovery and relapses, self harm, suicidal thoughts, the impact mental illness has on intimate relationships and the link between mental and physical health. It ends on a high note, reinforcing the importance of human connection, community, self-compassion and hope. The music played and songs I sing following each segment provide resolution and catharsis and heighten the emotion of the piece. 

 The show is storytelling weaved with music throughout. The lead vocalist/storyteller is front and centre, with a 6-piece band behind. None of the performers move much around the stage. The performers are all dressed in black. Set and props are minimal, so the main focus is the story and the music. Last year we pitched the first version of "Audiotherapy" at Showcase WA. Over the last 12 months The show has been significantly redeveloped and refined. I got professional and WAAPA trained musicians and theatre makers on board to create a more polished production: "Audiotherapy: a journey through the dark" and that's the version of the show that we hope to tour.

 Review quotes:

"Clyburn represents a beacon of hope for those struggling in the darkness. By expressing the things society so often wants to submerge, she’s found a way to conduct her own form of therapy in public view – a courageous and touching way to recreate, take back power and lead by example. A goddess of hope through adversity, her show is extremely powerful; possibly life changing." Xpress Magazine, 2019 "Clyburn pulls no punches. Mental illness can be all-consuming but it doesn’t have to be all-defining. Each revelation is as raw and honest as the next as Clyburn bares all in a stripped-back, real show of emotion. Audiotherapy is an important show. It is an unflinching look at mental health and how we can stop vilifying it...part catharsis, part soul-baring beauty, all heart." Fourth Wall Media, 2019 "In Audiotherapy, the multi-talented Sun-Mi Clyburn brings her battle with chronic depression to life with unflinching honesty and remarkable musicianship. Clyburn’s purpose here is to leave her audience with a deeper and more intimate understanding of depression, and in this regard Audiotherapy is an unqualified success." Fringe Feed 2019