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Producer Name: Fairly Random Inc.

Synopsis ( max 1500): Audiotherapy is personal account in storytelling and music about depression, taking medication, recovery and relapses, the difference human connection can make and everything in between. This is the first major solo project by Perth-based theatre-maker and singer, Sun-Mi Clyburn. It’s an intimate and confronting show, that has moved its audiences throughout Fringe World 2018, made many people question what they know about mental health and encouraged them to speak openly and frankly about their own experiences. Sun-Mi’s main motivation in putting on this show was to bring understanding and compassion to the the matter of depression and mental illness in general. This is also why the team of Audiotherapy feels it’s important to take the show to rural communities and mining sites where residents are more isolated and potentially less likely to address mental health.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): "The frank and honest nature of Audiotherapy would confront anybody unsuspecting or inexperienced with mental illness. Perth artist Sun-Mi Clyburn delves deep into her own past and understandings with depression, coping, loss and endless cycles of treatment in a compelling and impromptu storytelling set to turn the audience's mind to their own relation to the subject." The Music

"The raw storytelling format makes her narrative even more engaging – the audience feels grateful to be there, able to share in her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The vocal performances were moving, and the integrity with which Clyburn presents her emotions and situation should be commended." Dircksey Magazine

"My brain is spellbound by her beautiful voice, combined by the talented backing. Each song is so engaging you end up in a timeless trance of just embracing her in the here and now. This show is a must see to anybody wanting to embrace a serious issue compassionately." The Fourth Wall