Barefaced Stories


Company / Producer Name:            Barefaced Stories

Production Title:                                 Barefaced Stories

Contact Person:                                  Andrea Gibbs

Contact Email:                                     andrea@barefaced.com.au

Company Website:                             www.barefaced.com.au

Show Status:                                       Ready to tour now.

Genre:                                                  Live Storytelling


Barefaced Stories celebrates the power of storytelling in an intimate live show, workshop series, and podcast. Armed only with their true-life tales, each storyteller takes to the stage, strips it all back and wears their bloody, beating heart on their sleeve. 


Refreshingly honest, bold, and brutally frank storytelling from people who surrender to the chaos of being human. We’re a platform for storytellers who are honest and raw - who’ll make you laugh, weep, and most importantly make the world feel a little less lonely. At its heart, Barefaced Stories curates and cultivates stories that are fresh, authentic, and fearless. It’s a chance to elevate voices that might not easily find a microphone. It’s a space where nothing’s sacred, but everyone’s treated with respect. And quite frankly—it’s the bomb.


Cast from the communities we visit, Barefaced Stories is a live show and workshop series that aims to capture and preserve local stories as well as teach people the valuable art of storytelling. It brings communities closer together and gives people the confidence to share their own story. The project involves: 1 x Weekend Workshop Through a series of written & verbal exercises, facilitator Andrea Gibbs (Barefaced Stories, TEDxPerth, ABC) will help participants FIND YOUR STORY; a story that’s worth telling and one that will connect with an audience. She will give expert feedback along the way, and very clear steps on how to CRAFT YOUR STORY to make it pop! Walking participants through her personal template for structuring a truely audience-worthy story, you will be armed with the confidence to give it a go themselves. Age recommendation: 16yrs+ Max Capacity: 12 1 x Live Show - featuring participants from the workshop. Featuring 6 community storytellers, MC - Andrea Gibbs 2 hrs (including interval) One-on-One coaching is also given to the storytellers chosen for the live show. 


Review quotes:

"Seven journeys combined bravery with adversity, and limitations with triumph in a raw collection of personal and insightful Barefaced Stories at the packed New Zealand Festival. The audience welcomed a firefighter, transsexual, fighter, war correspondent, comedian, daredevil and a self-professed liar. Their stories proved a human's ability to push through obstacles and make the most of each day." - Stuff.co.nz (2018) "A hilarious night packed with tales of drinking tea with terrorists, terrible university productions and punching aggressive strangers in Melbourne. With six storytellers, not to mention the two hosts, you certainly get your monies worth of entertainment" - The AU Review (2016) "What's so enticing is how real the moments are. It's not a show, it's a revelation and a fabulous peek into the people the performers really are. In addition, the sizzling wit created between the show's two presenters feels like a treat of a show in itself." - Weekend Notes (2016) "There is a lot to love about Barefaced Stories. Sometimes silly, sometimes crass, often surprising and always a lot of fun. The show is smoothly steered but appealingly unpolished and raw. You will laugh, cringe and probably leave knowing more than you ever thought you would" - The West Australia (2015)