Baroque By Candlelight

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Producer Name: Perth Symphony Orchestra

Synopsis ( max 1500): Perth Symphony Orchestra presents Baroque by Candlelight, an evening of stunning Baroque music by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann and Neruda, played by the critically acclaimed Perth Chamber Orchestra in a fully narrated concert. Our musicians will play beautiful music from the Baroque era in a venue illuminated mostly by candles in a concert designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. The music includes popular favourites from the Baroque era as well as lesser-known works, to inspire the audience to explore more music of this era. Local children will be cast to provide the narration and tell the stories of the composers, bringing the great masters to life, introducing each piece and providing rich stories behind the music. Soloists will perform stunning pieces to showcase the outstanding talent we have here in Western Australia. A musical, historical and spiritual journey for audience members.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): "The last item in the bracket "Let the Bright Seraphim" from his Oratorio Samson, Prudence Sanders and Jenny Coleman were front and centre. The conversation between the soprano and trumpet was utterly lovely"
Arts Hub 29 August 2017

"We are incredibly lucky in Perth - a city of just over 2 million people - to have such a vast array of talent, and people such as Bourby Webster with the forethought and vision to ensure that professional musicians and other performers have outlets for their amazing talents. Five stars"
Arts Hub 29 August 2017

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