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Did you ever want to change your life?

...I have been on a monotonous treadmill of internal turmoil for years. Depression and a sense of futility regularly wash over me. Which to an outsider would seem strange because I have a beautiful wife and family and a nice house that looks out over the ocean.

I don’t need to work much and what I do is now particularly taxing, but I am listless, no real sense of direction and I recycle my ‘problems’. All goals in life seem either worthless or unattainable, and I’m down on everything – yes, yes, I’ve read the books, done the therapy. It has all been examined intensely at men’s group.

I’ve even set the depression aright before with chemicals – all hail Zoloft.

Then one day, while swimming unnoticed through life, the turmoil in quiet abatement for a moment, in a conversation about strange life experiences, someone asked me, “Have you ever taken Ayahuasca?” ...

DMT in the Amazon. A mesmerising true tale of imbibing the hallucinogen Ayahuasca in Peruvian shamanic ceremonies. Nine mind-altering trips are told with self-deprecating humour, sweet, subtle, interactive music, and an ingenious, dynamic set. 

From the same jungles of Peru where Werner Herzog battled to haul a 320-ton boat up a 40-degree slope for his film Fitzcarraldo, a man recounts his “hilariously accurate adventure,” using anecdotal monologue, a brave reflective sense of adventure, and a post-modern slant.

The shaman is here. It’s time for ceremony. Keep your intention clean and clear. And always know where your bucket is.