Whiskey & Boots

Company / Producer Name:           Whiskey & Boots

Production Title:                                Bystander

Contact Person:                                  Georgia King

Contact Email:                                    whiskeyandboots@gmail.com

Company Website:                            http://whiskeyboots.com.au/

Show Status:                                       Tour Ready

Genre:                                                  Interdisciplinary - Theatre, live music, photographic installation 


Bystander - Real people, real stories


The Bystander Project is a model of creating a performance and installation work with a community. Performance - The Bystander Project takes the reflections of real people responding to what it’s like to be a bystander in their world and presents them as ‘Headphone Verbatim Performance’. This means the actors will deliver the words from the interviews as they hear them from the headphones in real time without embellishment. The performance will also include original songs, performed live, about the community and people interviewed. In each town interview participants will range in age, lifestyle, gender and background. Installation - In addition to the performance there will be a photographic and audio installation left for community members to experience and revisit in their own time. The images are of the participants in their life, home work, with the animals or gardens, doing the things they love or do everyday. The aim of this project is to bring understanding to those living around us. We believe that everyone’s story is interesting and valuable and that by sharing stories we are able to be in the world together with greater empathy. This work requires the creative team residing in a community for 2 weeks to collect interviews, take the photographs and get to know the unique qualities of a town before creating and delivering the work in situ. 


The style of the performance is stripped back; two stools, two mics in front of projections of the participants and a simple 3 person band set up. In the past we have found that cabaret style seating has worked well but we are flexible with this and could perform the work practically anywhere. Installation - the installation works best if there is a dedicated room/space for the exhibit. Each interview participant will have a listening station designated to them. Each listening station consists of a seat in front of a large framed portrait, a photo journal containing 6-8 images of the speaker, their life, their home or work, their animals or favourite things, and a set of headphones that play the original interview. Audiences can enter and spend some time with each contributor. The installation can stay in the community for up to 3 weeks. Once the exhibition is taken down then the recordings, photo journals and portraits will belong to the community.


Review quotes:

Testimonials from Beverly community members about Bystander - Beverly "I really didn’t know what was going to happen, but was so impressed with the night and how you were able to portray the people of Beverley you interviewed. I just wish more would have been there to see your talent. I just loved every interview that you did with our Beverley folk. It gave me an insight personally to their lives and perhaps why they have made Beverley their home. The accents, the facial expresssions, the stance, you were the people you interviewed, every bit of the night was wonderful. No maybe it was a bit chilly! But I loved what you did. Congratulations on a great night. Many thanks Jenny Rayner" "It really was an amazing evening and totally exceeded my expectations! I hope that if you take it to other towns they will get behind you and attend. It really is the most unique and interesting show I have seen in a very long time!! Britt" "The response from the community has been only positive and I have had many people asking when it can be done again. The way you interacted and engaged with everyone that wanted to be involved was a credit to you, Georgia and the Whiskey and Boots production team including Holly. By using the Residency and locating yourselves in our community it also gave the town of Beverley a sense of ownership as well." Bruce Denny