Confessions of A Magician

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Producer Name: Pierre Ulric - Mysteries

Synopsis ( max 1500): Magicians have always been hiding secrets… It’s time for this one to confess. Why is he doing it, and what is there to tell? 

Can you keep a secret? Get ready to have your mind blown...metaphorically speaking of course!

International mystery performer Pierre Ulric shares his deepest and most absurd revelations in a candid and thought-provoking account.

In Pierre’s words: “I wanted to produce a show that was not your standard linear exhibition of magic ‘tricks’. Through a number of theatrical vignettes, I open the door on what it means to be a professional magician in this modern day era, what there is to love about it, to hate about it and even uncover some of the real secrets of the art.”

A spellbinding and original act guaranteed to intrigue and delight families, corporate audiences, community groups, senior groups, etc. 

Gobsmacking magic, audience participation, psychological ploys, music, laughter and amazement are all part of the show. Some novel and original effects never before witnessed live will be showcased, while spectators learn more about the strange, and at time hilarious, world of magic and illusion.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): “One hell of a show” - ★★★★½ - The Fourth Wall

“Pierre Ulric is a master at his craft” - ★★★★½ - The Australia Times

“One beautifully enigmatic extravaganza’’ - Beat Magazine Melbourne