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Email Address: rachael@performinglineswa.org.au

Company Website: http://performinglineswa.org.au/

Producer Name: PRAXIS - in association with Performing Lines WA

Dark Matter premiered at the MoveMe Festival, September 2016 at the Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA.

PRAXIS is interested in doing a residency/remount to downsize Dark Matter in order to make it more tourable.  We are keen to discuss the style of performance and the realities of regional touring to see how we could make this happen.

Dark Matter is a stunning multi-sensory exploration of what happens when people are taken out of their familiar environment. Combining the exciting movement of five dancers with digital projection mapping, a pulsating live score and over 1000kg of rice (!), Dark Matter subtly explores the politically-charged debate around immigration, asylum and cultural integration.

The performance sees the audience enter a multi-sensory space, the floor covered with 1000kg of rice, which dancers manipulate to create fluctuating environments. Two walls covered with scrim act as mobile sound sources & projection surfaces. ‘Particles’ within move by way of cymatics (sound vibration) forming visual representations of the gravitational properties of dark matter; a metaphor for society. Projection mapping accentuates the changing environment, illuminating bodies & ‘continents’ of rice, at times isolating individuals, at others allowing dancers to disappear into their surroundings. As the environment slowly erodes, the audience is invited to think about how they respond to the world. The movement allows the audience to view the performers without preconceptions of gender or race, seeing them as a metaphor for larger ideas.

Cellist Tristen Parr plays alongside pre-recorded sound scapes of the moving rice. The sound is immersive. Live electric cello combined with driving sonic waves push the dancers to move with vigorous intent & intricate detail. At times all sound & projection dissipates & the haunting sounds of footsteps & breath engulf the audience as they wait in darkness. 

Dark Matter is a non-linear work that rapidly shifts the viewer through time and place, using societal metaphors on both micro and macro scales to represent our natural need to blend in and form new communities. 

PRAXIS is a multidisciplinary collective of Tristen Parr, Cellist/Composer; Alexander Boynes, Visual Artist; & Laura Boynes, Choreographer. They use expanded spatial practice to explore links between visual art, contemporary dance and sound and together create relevant and thought provoking work of quality and scale. PRAXIS collaborate between Perth and Canberra making performance, installation and film work for theatre, gallery and site specific spaces. As individual artists, they have all been practicing for a decade or more and established PRAXIS in order to create something greater than their individual pursuits.