Dee Madigan

1. Why Creativity Matters

 Dee Madigan, Founder and Executive Director of Campaign Edge, will explore why creativity matters in marketing.

 Dee will demonstrate how creative marketing ideas can be used to successfully influence others to change their behaviour. “People make purchasing decisions emotionally. If you can make them feel, you can make them do. Creativity is the art at the heart of persuasion”

 The great adman David Ogilvy once said “People don’t read ads. They read what interests them, and sometimes that happens to be an ad.” You have to engage people’s attention.

 It is the hook that grabs people’s attention, makes sense of your messages in a powerful, understandable narrative. It holds all your communications together in one unifying way.

 Throw someone one ball, they will catch one ball. Throw them five balls, they will catch none. Effective communication works in much the same way – be single minded.

 Words matter - The words you use determine whether your message is heard through a sympathetic lens, which in turn will determine how effective the message is.

 A picture tells 1000 words - Images work differently than words. They circumvent consumers’ critical thought. They become ‘truth’ faster.  Every piece of communications needs a purpose. Engagement without persuasion is a waste of your marketing dollars.

2. How To Be More Creative Both in Your Business and in Your Communications

 People are not obliged to pay any attention to you. That has to be earned.

The world has changed and the way we do business must change as well. Too often creativity has been seen as the realm of the marketing department, but all areas of business need to learn to be more creative if they are to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

 Madigan delivers a practical explanation on being creative in business decisions, hiring more creatively, and  why internal communications are just as important as external. She goes through how to write a good creative brief to get more creative responses from staff and external organisations. 

 At the end, everyone gets their chance to test these new skills in a hands on activity to create their own great ad.