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Producer Name: Kate Neylon

Synopsis ( max 1500): “big changes often start with acts that look
pointless at the time” john holloway, crack capitalism

"deviator" players are charged with the mission of seeking out hidden audio instructions which encourage them to temporarily transform their city into a playground. with a pvi deviator enabled smart phone, the audience take to the streets for 1 hr. from the tiniest of private deviations to the boldest of public actions, "deviator" blends radically altered versions of children’s games with subtle live performance, placing audiences as interventionists out on the streets, ready to creatively disrupt the city, one game at a time are you ready for some serious play?

for children, the street has always been a de-facto playground. The ‘juvenile code’ rules supreme in a playground; space becomes transformed from its original intent, reality becomes flexible and the capacity to be creative and deviate from the norm is fundamental. deviator proposes revisiting the city streets with play in mind, inviting adults to rediscover a sense of freedom and consider public space as one of playful enquiry. "deviator" is inspired by the situationist’s psycho-geography and ‘the coming insurrection’ an anonymous book written in 2007 which is part anti-materialist manifesto and part manual for a modern day revolution. "deviator" activates philosophies around revolution, positioning ‘games’ as a potential trigger to alter the official narratives of place.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): “The thought the show provokes is about the odd tension, in 21st century urban life, between the infantile and the
desperately over-controlled; between leisure lives that seem increasingly childish, and public and professional lives ever more grimly focused and dehumanised. the value of deviator is that it bridges that gap, and reminds us that rich full lives demand a more integrated sense of humanity; both play that is less mindless, and a public life that is more playful, more creative, and less dismal.”  
Joyce McMiillan, The Scotsman

“If you’re not engaged, you’re not trying hard enough. deviator isn’t a blueprint for social change, it’s a way for contemporary art to disrupt daily greyness, and hijacking the language of revolution is an effective, albeit purely polemical, way to do that….deviator stung us awake and made our city new. “ Lauren Carroll Harris, Realtime Arts.  

“It’s incredibly effective. The headphones and smartphone reduce, if not eliminate, self-consciousness by giving participants a reason to pole-dance in public and run away from people in clown wigs, and by aurally separating you from the city. Participants are then reconnected to the space under a whole new set of rules for interaction. The work is amazingly clever at every level – from the overall concept, to the philosophies explored, to the individual games presented.” Zoe Barron. Artshub.