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Masters of Hooey


Company/ Producer Name:    Masters Of Hooey

Production Title:                      El Presidente Minusculo!

Contact Person:                       Sam Longley

Contact Email:               

Show Status:                            Ready to tour now

Genre:                                      Roving / Interactive / Children / Festival


El Presidente Minusculo is a roving/audience interactive piece that suits festivals and space activation opportunities. “El Presidente Minusculo!” (The Tiny Dictator) is a look at the power of the despot and the corruption of colonialism… but in a fun way. Children under 12 are able to be El Presidente of the festival for a short while. They write down a list of declarations, design a new flag, mount ‘The Throne’ and take a five-minute tour of their domain. The Throne sits atop a golden chariot that is pulled by two grown-ups in splendid regalia. Fanfare music blast and declarations are read out to the humble masses. Photo’s are taken (#YourEvent) fun is had and then a new El Presidente is sworn in. It’s a fun ride around the festival sight for the children, a photo opportunity for the parents and an interactive spectacle that directly engages children and gives them the spotlight. We work in hour blocks (12 kids per block) with three staff. We need space for a a tent and tables for kids to write declarations and design a flag, then we move through the festival space bringing the performance to all. Big, bold and beautiful…so it is decreed!