Every Day Super Hero

SHOW STATUS: In Development

CATEGORY: Get Together

Email Address: alex@maybetogether.com.au

Company Website: http://www.maybetogether.com.au

Producer Name: Alex Desebrock

Synopsis ( max 1500): The Work
Responding to the rising anxiety for the future and the state of the world, this participatory project intertwines the power of adults and children in an unexpected and playful process. Existing in public space, it contributes in very real ways to making the world just that little bit better.

Every Day Super Hero is a series of workshops which creates new collaborations between children and adults. These workshops explore the potential for a better world through art, performance, writing and costume. It leaves traces, monuments, play and suggestions within the public domain.

Maybe ( ) Together has several works investigating and championing children’s voices - their insightfulness, brutal honesty, creativity, humour and sense of play. 

Research & Inquiry
The three artists Alex Desebrock, Hannan Jones and Tanya Lee along with a group of children will investigate the local context. Identifying and seeking out “hot” problems - from sharks to bullying, fear itself or global warming through both discussion and creative workshops. These set the foundations and directions of public workshop presentation. 

This inquiry period also allows the artist’s time to locally source and collect materials. This embodies the ethos of the work via repurposing and recycling found materials into costumes, sculptures and art.  

Public Workshops
Every Day Super Hero is a series of two hour workshops for adults and children that turns them into empowered change makers.

All workshops start off in a similar way. Adults group in one area, children in another. Adults have a facilitated discussion with an artist about the problems of the world. This can be a particularly grim and even emotional experience for adults - considering issues they believe are the most pressing. Meanwhile children also have a facilitated discussion which is more focused on optimism and inner super power (eg kindness, empathy, loudness, being funny etc) and identify one they believe they have. The groups come together and share their chosen powers and problems revealing to adults: answers are in the next generation.

Adults are then partnered with a child they have not met before today and through a series of games, they develop trust. Adults then articulate their identified problem to the child, trying to find the right language and root of the issue. The child then picks an inner power they have and believe could tackle this world problem in some way. From here the workshops can shoot off in many different directions - whether it be now to create costumes, public manifestos or acts of heroism in public space. We are constantly adding to the manifestations of this work. 

Each workshop results in slightly different outcomes, as all our workshops are site and community specific; words of courage and change scrawled in the ground in chalk, Manifesto’s hung for all to read, potential projections, beautiful documentation or costumes on public statues or in shop fronts. Wherever the space, this work is flexible and responsive in the ways that the workshops can cumulate. Lets see where we take you, your corner of the city with your Every Day Super Heroes!

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): "The Every Day Super Hero experience was inspiring, invigorating, touching, meaningful and refreshing - I am a fan!" - Adult audience member

"It was good for adults to understand that kids are far more understanding and afraid of issues going on in the world"- Adult audience member

"It was an illuminating journey, that provided an exchange I hadn’t had in a long while I was blown away by the depth of conversations that were happening around the room" - Adult Audience Member