MAXIMA:Circus Beyond Limits
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Email Address: Guy.Boyce@manpac.com.au

Company Website: http://www.circusmaxima.com/

Producer Name: MAXIMA:Circus Beyond Limits


We have ALL experienced fear - That feeling that simply grabs you, holds you back from doing something, that feeling that takes you over and shakes you to your very core, the fear that makes you feel alive! 

Imagine enclosed spaces, dizzying heights, flying & falling …spiders, public speaking…all of those things that creep and crawl, and that get under your skin!

Combining circus theatre, original music & shadow puppetry FEARLESS is an action packed, gutsy, raw and magical show suitable for the whole family. Featuring daring aerials, suspension, flying and falling, and much more…join our world class ensemble as they face their inner fears, phobias and share their darkest secrets to emerge FEARLESS and joyously unafraid of this crazy, wild and wonderful thing called life! 

Brought to you by MAXIMA, Australia's newest, freshest Circus Theatre company based at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in the heart of the Peel region of WA.