Find the Lady

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CATEGORY: More Than Words

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Producer Name: Matt Penny

Synopsis ( max 1500): Theft, betrayal, and ambition – the rags to riches story unfolds, only to crumble like the proverbial house of cards. Fame and fortune can be fleeting when you trust the wrong people. Acclaimed magician and theatre-maker Matt Penny (The Magical Faces Project, Experiments in Mind Reading) returns to our stages with his usual dose of magic and mayhem. We follow an ambitious con-man who can’t believe his luck when he stumbles across the ability to read people’s minds, only to realise too late that as soon you get to the top, people start plotting your downfall. Directed by Mikala Westall (Moving On Inc) Find the Lady is a story of love, life and betrayal, with a touch of magic and some deft piano playing thrown in for good measure.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): “Find The Lady will not fail to elicit a few smiles, and even more gasps of amazement – it’s an understated masterpiece, much like Penny himself.”
4.5 stars. Laura Money. Fourth Wall Media

“A clever combination of music, magic and story telling, Penny weaves a coherent whole in a sweetly sad work that entertains on several levels.”
4 stars. Nerida Dickinson. Artshub

“Penny baffles us as easily as swatting a dead fly.”
3.5 stars. Beyond the Turnstiles. David Zampatti.