Co3 and The Farm
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Photo by Stefan Gosatti

Photo by Stefan Gosatti

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Producer Name: Richard Longbottom


Frank could be a genius. Just one more ‘i’ and he’d be an Einstein! Frank’s a lonely guy who wants to make his imaginary friends real. Harnessing electricity from a storm he animates his world with nothing but his imagination and a cardboard box. Battling a physical impairment, Frank creates monsters to fulfil his desire to be normal and to be accepted by others. Can he control what he creates? And who is the real monster anyway? Frank Enstein is a retelling of the classic tale for children and adults - magical dance-theatre illuminating a path to self acceptance. This is theatre as if made by Michel Gondry, handcrafted and full of the love of old fashioned techniques. The Farm’s wicked sense of humour, magic and dance will create a show for the child in all of us.

Frank Enstein addresses strong themes about self acceptance and bullying that are relevant to every child, while maintaining a tongue in cheek wit and theatrical sophistication to attract adults. It’s is a new direction for The Farm drawing on existing methodology and partnerships. Daniel gives the world of Frank a unique insight for young audiences into the idea of self acceptance. The collaboration extends The Farm’s usual contemporary dance practice with that of Co3 Australia’s, combining our work in integrated arts with the themes of Frank are best suited to developing this partnership.