Mark Howett, The Farm, Co3 Australia


Company / Producer Name:   Created by Mark Howett and The Farm, and produced by Co3 Australia

Production Title:                     Good Little Soldier

Contact Person:                       Erynne Mulholland

Contact Email:                         info@co3.org.au

Company Website:                 https://co3.org.au/ and http://www.thefarm.company/home-1

Show Status:                           Tour ready

Genre:                                      Dance/Drama/Physical Theatre/Interdisciplinary


Good Little soldier examines the damage inflicted on the mind and spirit of a soldier as it infects the family he returns to. 

Good Little Soldier is set in an Australian suburban home and examines the corrosive infection that a returned soldier shares with his family. He has brought ghosts home from the war, the mates he lost in a bomb blast, and whom only he can see. The ghosts push the man into paranoid behaviour... encouraging the subjugation of his wife and son. The son is forced to agree to his father’s cruel demands to save his mother. The family explodes under the pressure. Mother and son fight to escape from the cycle of dysfunction. 

 Good Little Soldier is a performance that combines theatre and dance, with choreography, recorded and live text, dynamic surround sound and video. 

 Review quotes:

"Good Little Soldier... teeters between humour and horror, keeping the audience in a high state of alert... gut-wrenching and compelling dance theatre." The West Australia "I never thought about PTSD as much as I did after seeing Good Little Soldier." New York Times "A collaborative piece of physical theatre, this production successfully merges genres to capture a side to war rarely truthfully represented." Arts and Lifestyle reviews