Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company


Company / Producer Name:   Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Production Title:                       Ice Land - A Hip h'Opera

Contact Person:                       Elinor King

Contact Email:                         producer@yirrayaakin.com.au

Company Website:                  https://yirrayaakin.com.au/

Show Status:                            Ready to tour in the future

Genre:                                     Music Theatre/ Opera / Hip-hop / Live Music / Drama


Fractured like shards, Ash, Carly and Joy must fight the demons of their past to reclaim their future, but is it that easy when the demon is Meth?


"Welcome everybody to Ice Land. It’s a beautiful place; your wildest dreams can become horrific, torturous stories. Beautiful, isn’t it?" How difficult is it to escape from Meth? 'Ice Land' is the journey of three people held in the grips of Methamphetamine. The User, The Recovering and the Enabler. Haunted by addiction and memories, they are thrown into the Emergency Department of an understaffed hospital. The three tell the story of what brought them to where they are and the role Meth played getting them there. Aided by the enigmatic Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Disk Jockey (DJ) 'Ice Land - A Hip-h'Opera' is a twisted tale of grief, addiction and redemption. 


'Ice Land' uses the music genre of hip-hop and the narrative conventions of opera to look at addiction. The play features four performers on stage, plus one musician playing from a DJ deck. There is minimal set and props, and each performer plays several characters.