Performing Lines WA


Company / Producer name:               Performing Lines WA

Production Title:                                  Layla Majnun

Contact Person:                                  Zainab Syed

Contact Email:                                    zainab@performinglineswa.org.au

Company Website:                             https://www.performinglines.org.au/

Show Status:                                      In Development - will premiere in Perth in October 2019.

Genre: Theatre


Layla Majnun, the greatest love story ever told - is a powerful and enduring Persian tale set in 7th century Arabia. A timely reminder of the universality of love across cultures around the world, the story seeks to connect audiences from all walks of life.


Pre-dating Romeo and Juliet by a thousand years, Layla Majnun is a powerful and enduring tale of love and separation claimed by cultures and traditions across the Islamic world from Persia, to Turkey to Malaysia and beyond. First penned by the Persian poet, Nizami in the 7th century, the story has been passed through generations in anecdotal form. Now, for the first time, these fragments have been consolidated and translated into a single English narrative by US based Farsi scholar and storyteller, Feraidoon Mojadedi.


Created by diverse artists from Western Australia, and directed by James Berlyn, the show is an interdisciplinary one-man performance featuring Feraidoon Mojadedi. The show integrates traditional Persian storytelling with contemporary visual projections and original music, bringing this tale into the 21st century. Audiences will also be served mint tea, dates and other Afghani/Persian delicacies on show nights to create an intimate and immersive experience for all. With a comprehensive community engagement plan, pre-show activities and foyer activation, audiences will be able to experience the richness and versatility of Islamic cultures. The show will premiere in Perth from October 3-6th 2019. With flexible and minimal set requirements, the show has been designed with touring in mind and will seek presentation opportunities for 2020 and beyond.


Review quotes:

"I found myself completely stopped a couple of times by the poignant nature of some of the storytelling. The authentically heartfelt way Feraidoon spoke was undeniable and set the tone for the same energy to be reflected back by the crowd in attendance. Congratulations on the success of last night. From what I witnessed, I have no doubt that your success in this arena will be unlimited." audience member.