Session One - Blowing Up Your Art Box!

What happens when we stop thinking of ART as something that happens inside the theater auditorium?  What might we do differently if we took responsibility for the entire journey our audiences take with us?  This session will offer several simple frameworks to redefine the artistic process to include engagement work.  Whether you are an artist, presenter, producer, marketing manager, FOH staff (or more!), we all have a part to play in engaging audiences.

Session Two - Building Blocks and Playmates

Ryan told us he won’t be satisfied unless everyone leaves with an engagement idea (or 10!) they want to try out this year… so let’s use this time in the sandbox with other artists to get inspired. Bring a pen and your favorite notebook (laptops encouraged). We will reflect on the engagement that was created for the showcase, dream and scheme for the future, and learn about some structures, support, failures, and mis-step we’ve found useful. Let’s play!

Lindsey and WT will also be running a professional development session for artists in the week prior to WA Showcase.