Beyond the Yard


Company / Producer Name:   Beyond The Yard

Production Title:                       Mungbean

Contact Person:                       Terence Smith

Contact Email:                         beyondtheyard@hotmail.com

Company Website:                  https://www.facebook.com/Beyond-The-Yard-168045793678178/?ref=bookmarks

Show Status:                           Ready to Tour Now

Genre:                                       Theatre, Australia Drama, Coming-of-Age Story


Mungbean: Friendship, heartbreak and Vegemite, a story about growing up in rural Australia.


Inspired by writer Eloise and director Terence’s own upbringings in Denmark, Western Australia, Mungbean is a story following three friends growing up in a small country town. It’s the start of year ten and new kid on the block Mungbean wants nothing more than to fit in. Before long she stumbles across Moose and April’s turf and the three hit it off immediately. Bonding over a love of Vegemite, make-believe, school and trying beer for the first time these three are rarely seen apart. But friendships aren’t always easy when you live in a town that only has one main road, everyone knows everyone and that isn’t always a good thing, especially when it concerns April getting revenge on a bully…and now April’s being sent to a boarding school in the city and nothing will ever be the way it was again. 


Mungbean is a coming-of-age Australian drama set in a rural town. Exploring the conflicts of friendship, class, loss and family Mungbean offers a refreshing lens examining the experience of what it’s really like to grow up in a small community. It does this by demonstrating how ones family, friends and environment can shape who they become. It is a story that can be found right on our city’s doorstep, but to be more exact roughly five hundred kilometers away.


Review quotes:

For Mungbean: "I really enjoyed the show. It was well constructed and directed. The performance completely engaged the audience and swept us along with the through line of the text. It was well directed and full of strong performances, humour and pathos. It excites me that a work has been with the “underrepresented” in mind – that provides many access points and has a unique voice in the sector. The work was of high quality and it is evident that thought has been given to the longevity of the piece. If Beyond the Yard continues to make work of this quality, then the company is certainly going places." - Ryan Taafe (Circuit West) For Previous Work - 52 Hertz: "52 Hertz is a prime example of minimalism done right, with an easy to follow dynamic plot, unique and real characters and a deep message about isolation to take away. 4 and 1/2 stars" –Jordan Baynes (Fourth Wall Media) Tragedies of modern relationships reflected in the forlorn existence of a lost whale. Innovative and well-performed theatre in the midst of the FringeWorld whirl, 52 Hertz features strong characters, contemporary relevant themes and simple yet effective production values that do justice to a fascinating and insightful script. 4 stars" – Nerida Dickinson (Performing Arts Hub)