Lucy Peach


Company / Producer Name:   Lucy Peach

Production Title:                      My Greatest Period Ever

Contact Person:                       Lucy Farley

Contact Email:                         lucypeachmusic@hotmail.com

Show Status:                           Tour ready

Genre:                                      Multimedia theatre, live music, edutainment, comedy, interactive, empowering.


With a heart of gold, a silver tongue and a steel trap wit, Period preacher Lucy Peach is changing the world one period at a time. Hilarious, heartfelt and always informative, the exultant folk-pop wunderkind is joined by her husband Richard who creates live illustrations to bring her menstrual messages to life. Witness the proof, the capes and the “pitch perfect voice” (The Music) to learn how to life hack your menstrual cycle from a curse into your ‘Greatest Period Ever.’


Lucy Peach uses her experience as a sexual health educator, a human biology teacher and a seasoned performing artist to gently coach audience members in the art of life hacking your period. The menstrual cycle has suffered a bad rap for over 2000 years and shame and stigma around women's cycles runs deep. The effects are far reaching. With this show, women, girls (and men too!) are given a new lens through which to understand the monthly emotional landscape of the menstrual cycle and a new language with which to talk about it and connect. The menstrual cycle is so much more than just the presence or absence of a period - it is actually 4 seasons and each of these arrive in turn with their own strengths and once you know what they are you can use them. You might as well, because you'll have up to 450 of them! Women Australia wide are rejoicing and only wish they had have seen 'My Greatest Period Ever' sooner. What greater gift could you give your community? The show is filled with one aha moment after the other as Richard and Lucy move through the cycle with stories, songs, live illustrations, the relationship implications and a good dose of husband and wife humour. 


This is a true to life account of how one woman turned her period from a curse into a blessing. Using stories, science, original music (from a WAM award winning performer), the audience witnesses the unravelling of the new talk about periods. Richard (the husband) deftly illustrates the concepts, the emotions and the nuances of a woman with a menstrual cycle. The show is scripted but spontaneous, very engaging and relies on audience interaction which is always forth coming.The show is autobiographical but speaks to the broader experience of women and those who love them. The show is half live music and half stories by Lucy with audience interaction, as illustrated By Richard.


Review quotes:

"This changes EVERYTHING!" - Mia Freedman "Lucy's show was wonderful! I learned so much. The interaction between her and her husband Richard is super charming, and a few times I was moved to tears. Thanks Lucy for being an important leader in the move to promote menstrual positivity and education." - Clementine Ford "I wish I had a period." Bloke - post show