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In November 2017 Barking Gecko will premiere a new work My Robot.

My Robot will draw on many sources of inspiration, including the literary and scientific, serious and silly, to create an original, joyful, funny and technically innovative show. Alongside professional actors, the cast will feature a functioning onstage robot playing a character in the work. With this production Barking Gecko is re-imagining puppetry to create a very special show for young children. 

My Robot will be a joyful exploration of science, nature and human relationships, written by one of the world’s leading writers for children, Australia’s Finegan Kruckemeyer. Barking Gecko’s Artistic Director Matt Edgerton and Finegan have a shared passion for the intersection of science and art and are both incredibly excited about the prospect of this new work using technology as its raw material. Barking Gecko is also pleased to welcome theatre designer Isla Shaw to the company. 

All great robot stories are actually at heart explorations of what it means to be human. From I Robot by Isaac Asimov to Pixar’s hit film WALL-E, the relationship between human and robot is a vehicle to investigate ourselves. My Robot will be an invitation to young people to engage with an exquisite, playful narrative performed by a cutting edge robot interacting with human performers.

In 2018, Barking Gecko has secured some financial support to enable access to the production for schools in regional areas. We are able to support schools audiences attending regional venues. 

Barking Gecko would like to work in partnership with regional venues on a new initiative whereby we will be touring in partnership with Scitech to present a combined creative arts experience and science robotics workshop offering to regional schools. We would be interested in delivering this programme in partnership with regional venues, as well as presenting family performances in regional locations in 2018.