Company / Producer Name:   Oompah!

Production Title:                       Oompah!

Contact Person:                      Mace Francis

Contact Email:                        mf@macefrancis.com

Show Status:                            Tour Ready

Genre:                                      Live Music/Comedy


A Bogan Bavarian Oompah-ty! When Bavarian Folk meets Aussie Rock! Oompah! reinvents classic Aussie rock and pop songs to fit into any Bavarian beer drinking Hofbrauhaus with their hilarious "oom-pah-pah" style. Sing along to songs like A Long Way to the Top, Khe Sahn, Land Down Under and Never Tear Us Apart as you have never heard them before! 


A Bogan Bavarian Oompah-ty is a really fun journey through the classic Aussie rock and pop genre of the 1970s and 80s. These classic songs are interpreted by a 5-piece band made up of trumpet, clarinet, 2x trombones and a sousaphone, with all members singing. This different perspective on these songs have audiences laughing, singing along and left wanting more. We only play requests if we know them! 


The 60min show format is a live music performance with 5 musicians. In between songs we tell funny stories, bad jokes, ask some pop quiz questions, give out prizes and try to get the audience to interact and sing a lot to the classic songs. We can also perform anywhere really. We don't need to be in a theatre. We can play outdoors, foyers, halls, schools, streets etc. We are flexible and able to activate other spaces if necessary. 


Review quotes:

We don't have any formal reviews but we have performed this show at Perth Fringe World (2017 & 18) Adelaide Fringe Festival (nominated for music award 2018)