Your chance to tell your story to the people who present performing arts across WA.
In May 2019, the stage at Subiaco Arts Centre will come alive with WA’s finest producers pitching the best WA work to almost every venue that presents performing arts in the state at CircuitWest’s WA Showcase.
Pitching at WA Showcase allows you to get on stage and tell the story of your work and why it is something WA audiences must see.
Last year, 38 producers pitched, with many going on to tour WA.

There are four types of pitches:

  • Hello - A 5-minute session with no tech that is an update or an introduction to an artist, venue or organisation

  • Call Me - A 10-minute “pitch” session for experienced companies. Works must be tour ready.

  • Get Together - A 10-minute session of moderated conversation about works that are in development, or inexperienced companies who have tour ready work

  • More than Words - 15-minute session comprising of a 10-minute performance excerpt from your production and 5-minutes of pre or post performance presentation.

Resources to HELP you submit your pitch

Applying to pitch is EASY! Links to the Pitch Submission Forms are below. However, if you’re new to WA Showcase, it’s a good idea to check out some of our handy resources:

  • Our Executive Director’s video about TOURING IN WA

  • Our 15-minute HOT TIPS VIDEO TUTORIAL which is all about preparing your pitch submission

  • You can also access the POWERPOINT SLIDES for that tutorial HERE.

  • See our PITCHING FAQ’s section below, as well as our WA Showcase FAQ’s HERE.

Submitting Your Pitch Application

You can submit your application to pitch by clicking the link below that represents the type of pitch you wish to submit. You will be taken to a form to complete - this form is saveable for you to come back to but you may need to create an account.

Ready to submit? Click below on your chosen pitch type to apply now: (Applications close: Tuesday 5 March 2019, 5.00pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Qualify?

  • If you are a Western Australian artist, producer or organisation based Western Australia and you have a performing arts work that is ready to tour or in development, you qualify.

  •  Size does not count, you can be a one-person act or an orchestra.

  • We are seeking high quality, diverse work.

How many pitches are chosen?
Showcase usually sees 30-40 pitches

What do you need to know?
For pitching, overall we need a great overview, as well as things like technical details and costs. A great image is a huge advantage.

Who selects the final pitches?
The curatorial panel made up of presenters and producers use these criteria below to construct a program that is diverse, interesting and equitable for all the producers and presenters at the event. No one should feel that they cannot make a submission. The purpose of the showcase is to see the exciting and creative work made by Western Australian artists and organisations of all levels.

How do you select the pitches who present?
A selection committee will be formed to select artists to present at WA Showcase based on an agreed selection criteria. You can read more about the Selection Criteria HERE.

What if there are questions I’m unsure of?

There is a pitch education presentation coming soon which will answer most questions.

Otherwise, please email on tourcoordinator@circuitwest.com.au

When do pitches close?

Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 5.00pm.