Bob Harlow

"The most impressive thinker in audience development in the world today"

Bob Harlow is changing how performing arts organisations around the USA think about growing, changing and developing new audiences.

1. The Audience Journey To Us.

This session will illustrate how people find their way to our organisations as customers. 

Drawing from a synthesis of existing and new research, including ongoing case studies being published in 2019, The talk will include new evidence on;
(1) the different steps in this “audience journey” that bring people from being bystanders to participants,
(2) what arts organisations can do to encourage audiences who are at different stages in the decision-making journey to attend (using examples), and
(3) practices that boost effectiveness of those strategies.

 2. Common Audience-Development Challenges and How to Tackle Them.

This session will cover the problems so many face with developing audiences and demonstrate some real world practice to overcome them.

Drawing on some recurring questions from the current WA audience development projects this talk will highlight shared challenges that likely are relevant beyond the participating organisations. Using WA examples and documented examples in the US, it will cover effective practices for addressing those challenges, including determining which audiences to pursue, when and how to use different kinds of research to inform the strategy, and how to move from research findings to plans and tactics.