Riptide Youth Performance Company

Company / Producer Name:            Riptide Youth Performance Company 

Production Title:                                  The 1's, The 0's and Everything In Between 

Contact Person:                                   Clea Purkis

Contact Email:                                     clea.purkis@manpac.com.au

Show Status:                                       Ready to tour in the future

Genre:                                                  Theatre 


We are connected, but are we close? 


The 1's, The 0's and Everything In Between discusses the ever-changing nature of connection. It explores the lives of numerous people across different times and places. Divided into three parts, the play is a series of small and seemingly unrelated scenes that all meditate on ideas surrounding identity, communication and the psychological effects of life in a digital age. A scene may be the Skype conversation between lovers separated by oceans, another the call out to a social media hive mind for tips on how to remove wine from carpet. We move from a YouTube star filming and re-filming their latest video to two members of a firing squad contemplating the values of ambiguous bullets used to kill another person. From a pair of friends agreeing to delete each other’s social identities after their deaths, to the couple looking to spice their relationship up through virtual reality, THE 1s, THE 0s, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN explores how the tools of communication we have at our fingertips have simultaneously brought us together and pushed us further apart. 

The play is separated into three themed parts containing a number of seemingly unrelated vignette scenes. PART ONE features scenes exploring the variety of ways we as humans communicate to each other, how this communication is integral to our understanding of our world and how this is now changed by digital technology. PART TWO scenes explore how we use digital communication to position and construct identities for others to see, and how in this construction we can often distance ourselves from those we are attempting to communicate with. PART THREE scenes explore the effects this constructed communication has on us as individuals, and asks questions about what benefits or dangers these constructions have on our experience of ‘real life’. Within each part, the scenes jump erratically between times, places and characters. It’s a non-linear work that mirrors the style of an online vortex of click-throughs, videos and chats. 


Review quotes:

“Everything about this production was brilliant – from the poignant, funny and shockingly relatable script and clever set, to the innovative staging and flawless performances.” "The ensemble worked with Isaacs (an award-winning WA playwright), giving their thoughts and opinions on communication and how technology affects the way we connect with each other. This helps to explain why their performances appeared so natural and authentic; it was a case of their youth being an asset rather than a hurdle. I sincerely hope it can be restaged to a new and bigger audience.” Read full review: https://www.seesawmag.com.au/news/the-theatrical-future-is-bright/