'Rules of Summer' presented by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

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Email Address: producer@sppt.asn.au

Company Website: http://www.sppt.asn.au

Producer Name: Rebecca Nelson

Synopsis ( max 1500): Rules of Summer premiered in September/October of 2017.

This exciting unchartered adventure re-imagines how we interact with our audience and their perceptions of puppetry.
Adapted from the award-winning book by Shaun Tan, Rules of Summer is an immersive, interactive, and multi-sensory puppetry work. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's world premiere follows the journey of two boys who experience the emotional passage of life, the unwritten rules of friendship, and a list of mysterious rules...

A performance like no other, see the entire theatre space come to life and experience a sensory world of sight, taste, smell, touch and sound. What rule will you break? Will you accept or reject a tasty treat? And what consequence will await?

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): "This production is a complete sensory experience that was audibly beautiful, visually majestic and very tactile, especially for those children (and adults) invited up on stage to take part in the action. With bubbles, rabbit poo, tasty sweet food, confetti, and leaf blowers, this production will leave you tingling as the audience are invited into the world of the two brothers. I believe this immersive production is groundbreaking in its interactive, multi-sensory form" - Theatre Diary Review by Gregory Ryan - ★★★★★

"Rules of Summer is a sensory overload in the best way possible and is guaranteed to have the whole family talking about it for months after. It's a show that makes you appreciate how important curiosity and imagination are for developing a sense of creativity in young people." - Scoop Events Review by Adrianna Jakimowicz

"They've created something truly special with this show. The level of audience interaction was great. People were laughing and pointing to the stage and kids were asking questions and commenting loudly about what was happening…If you want to share a new experience with your kids I highly recommend this show." - Weekend Notes Perth review by Marisa Quinn-Haisu