Selection Process

How will my production/performance be chosen to pitch?

The curatorial panel will consider the following when assessing your EOIs:

 1.     Presenter Interest

  • How many presenters have registered their interest?

2.      Diversity

  • Is there a fair spread of work genre & artform?

  • What is the scale of this work?

  • What’s the mix of ‘first time’ producers/applicants to more established players?

3.     Quality

  • Is this production of high quality?

  • Does the producer have previous tour &/or production experience?

4.     Feasibility

  • How ‘tour ready’ is this production?

  • Will this tour happen anyway without this mechanism &/or other funding?

  • How many regional and remote presenters can it service?

The Curatorial Panel will use the guiding criteria to construct a program that is diverse, interesting and equitable for all the producers and presenters at the event. 

If you have any further questions, please email Circuitwest and they should be able to help you out.

Main image: Small Voices Louder by Maybe( ) Together. Photo by Sophie Reid.