SHOW STATUS: Remount Required

CATEGORY: Get Together

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Producer Name: Susannah Thompson

Synopsis ( max 1500): Five teenagers lie to their parents about where they're sleeping that night and meet up in the local park to drink, tag, laugh and reminisce. Their ATAR exams are over and real life is about to begin and they need to say goodbye. But someone unexpected has turned up - and as the night progresses the light-hearted laughter, the silly drinking, the teasing and tomfoolery turns darker.  

Played by actors over 60, Seventeen cleverly shows us what the teens end up like, while they themselves have no idea how life will pan out for them, and make the audience live in duality for the duration of the show.

Tightly choreographed and paced the actors never leave the stage - utilising the craftsmanship of Viewpoints and Suzuki technique to blend seamlessly between being off and on stage. A play well-suited to touring due to a sparse set and clever use of space.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): '...a very crisp presentation. Some wonderful performers, having fun with a thoughtful and clever script.' Stage Whispers

'The opening is strong – heads bowed, thumbs flying over invisible phones, the six characters are clumped together, a flock that shuffles and turns as one.....' SeeSaw Magazine.