The Last Great Hunt


Company / Producer Name:   The Last Great Hunt

Production Title:                       Stay With Us

Contact Person:                       Natalie Di Risio

Contact Email:                         natalie@thelastgreathunt.com

Company Website:                   www.thelastgreathunt.com

Show Status:                          Ready to tour in the future

Genre:                                      Intimate / Participatory / Immersive / Theatre / Site-specific


Delve into a world that lies between physical and spiritual, between Earth and space, between life and death. STAY WITH US is a series of unique theatrical moments within a hotel.


Two sisters are forever entangled; a connection that lasts beyond the realms of the hotel walls. A guest embarks on their final voyage; an examination of a life lived and what follows. Lying in bed, you look up to see the night sky as the universe opens before you; a bedtime story unlike any you have seen. Created by Arielle Gray, (NEW OWNER, IT'S DARK OUTSIDE), Chris Isaacs (IT'S DARK OUTSIDE, FAG/STAG) and Tim Watts (ALVIN SPUTNIK, MONROE & ASSOCIATES) this is an epic experience of intimate proportions. This new immersive work by The Last Great Hunt has a limited capacity so book now to enjoy the unexpected when you STAY WITH US.


STAY WITH US is an immersive theatrical experience which takes place in a hotel, across three hotel rooms next door to one another. Throughout each evening's performance, multiple groups of ten audience members are taken through the experience by a Guide/Performer. Each Guide introduces their Group to the world of STAY WITH US and accompanies them on their journey through the three rooms, in which the action takes place. In the first room, the audience is eased into the experience by observing a woman prepare for bed after attending her sister's funeral. In the second room, the audience 'returns' to the first room decades later to conduct a beautiful kind of autopsy on the woman (a finely detailed, large foam sculpture) who has passed away in her sleep. In the final room, the audience are greeted by several beds laid end-on-end and invited to lie down and watch a story projected onto the ceiling. The entire experience is meticulously managed by our Guides (Performers), a Concierge (Front of House Manager), and a hidden Production Manager who assists in resetting each room as each Group departs for the next room. In its first Perth season in November 2018, we were able to do up to 7 staggered sessions per evening for groups of 10 each, making 70 audience members per night. 


Review quotes:

"This is one of those shows where if we tell you too much about it, it’ll spoil the experience... The show took us on a journey that was both comedic and emotionally affecting. There were sections that made you feel like you had transcended this mortal earth, parts that made you revisit your childhood, there were moments of hilarity, and instances of sorrow. 4 STARS." - OUTinPerth “One of the most alluring aspects of the work is the anticipation, the not knowing what to expect from one room to the next. Its themes are expansive: life, death, the infinity of the universe, the human experience on earth, adventure, twins and “a world that lies between the physical and spiritual”. Each leg of the journey is foreshadowed on the landing outside, when the concierge/guide shares abstract musings about time, space and our microscopic significance in the scheme of things.” - SeeSaw