Company / Producer Name:           Kinetica 

Production Title:                                Syncope

Contact Person:                                  Rebecca McMahon

Contact Email:                                    kinetica.cdt@gmail.com

Company Website:                            www.kineticacdt.com.au

Show Status:                                      Tour ready 

Genre:                                                 Circus 


A visceral experience that is as thought-provoking as it is heart-stopping 


A pause; a failure of a heart’s action; unconsciousness… Syncope explores the anatomy and physiology of the human body and consciousness through an intriguing cocktail of aerial circus, dance and acrobatics. How do we know that we’re awake? How do emotions affect our body? A visceral experience that is as thought-provoking as it is heart-stopping. Syncope, otherwise know as 'fainting', has 3 distinct stages: prodrome, unconsciousness and recovery. The performance takes inspiration from these stages with each act taking the audience through symptoms and emotions felt by the sufferer. Underlying these anatomical themes, are stories of love, loss and the human experience. The story is told through an immersive ensemble performance whereby emotive music, circus skills and dance are seamlessly interwoven with performers moving effortlessly from ground to air. 


Syncope is a versatile contemporary circus performance that is designed to be viewed either end-on, from 3 sides or in-the-round. Throughout the show, the performers move through the crowd creating an immersive viewing experience. The performance style takes inspiration from diverse art forms including contemporary and lyrical dance, performance art and martial arts. The show is choreographed to have both aerial and ground elements occurring simultaneously to give the performance more depth and interest in larger venues. The form and design of the show takes inspiration from architecture and the human body with the performers wearing a set of simple, but modest, nude coloured costumes with accents of burgundy, black and white. The set is self-contained as the performance uses a free-standing aerial rig to suspend the circus equipment and the ground-based elements are performed within the footprint of this structure. The freestanding aerial rig and soft flooring are both provided by Kinetica and are designed to be quickly and easily set up and packed down, therefore, the show can suit unconventional spaces as well as traditional theatres. 


Review quotes:

"This group can do absolutely no wrong... Kinetica will make you fall in love with them, and then break your heart" ★★★★★Fourth Wall Media, 2018. "You've never seen circus like this before... Breathtakingly beautiful and melancholic, the eight-part ensemble mesmerise with their refined power and grace... 10/10" Dircksey, 2019 "It takes acrobatics and aerial spectacle and elevates it to extraordinary heights... Syncope is simply sublime... 10/10" XPress Magazine, 2019