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Finn O’Branagain


Company / Producer Name:   Finn O'Branagain

Production Title:                       Text Roulette

Contact Person:                       Finn O'Branagain

Contact Email:                          finn.obranagain@gmail.com

Company Website:                  www.finnobranagain.com

Show Status:                              Tour ready with remount

Genre:                                       Live Arts/ Theatre / Interactive Performance


It’s hard to know what to say sometimes. Is there a message you need to send? Maybe you need to: tell your crush you can’t stop thinking about them, tell a partner about a little STI you picked up on the weekend, reconnect with an ex-lover you haven’t spoken to in years, tell your housemates that their sexy role playing is way too loud, say ‘sorry that you’re dying’ to a colleague, or tell your mum you hate her new tattoo. If you can’t find the words, play TEXT ROULETTE and let Finn O’Branagáin draft them for you – then send, save, delete, or ask for a sign. Register using our online form to take part on stage (while remaining anonymous to the audience), or purchase a ticket to see the process unfold and cheer them on from the safety of the audience. Sign up to participate at: tinyurl.com/textroulette - or buy a ticket to watch it happen from the safety of the audience. 


At the start of the show, Finn describes how the game works, what they can expect, and what inspired it (her first paid writing gig – composing sexts for her high school friends, and her mother, who also is a busybody, and has been known to take phones out of people’s hands and send texts for them.) The audience is invited to get their phones out to play a game so they are in the same boat as the participants. They play ‘Text Roulette for Reals’, where the audience is encouraged to either play with a stranger, or with a friend. They can choose to enter ‘04’+ 8 random numbers and send a suggested (friendly, non-threatening and kind) text to a stranger, or find a contact in their phone that they have fallen out of touch with, and to text them with a suggested sentence to start the conversation again. The first participant is introduced, they explain their problem, and Finn drafts a text for them live on stage, which is viewed via the live-feed camera. When a draft is complete, the participant chooses whether to send it, save it, delete it, or ask for a sign. If the ask for a sign, they get a go on a magnetic choosing device. They keep their own agency and are not persuaded or pressured to do anything. They also have a ‘please stop’ button, which they can press at any time if they want to stop. The audience generally calls out their own suggestions about what Finn is drafting, and asks other questions. The atmosphere is fun and supportive. When they have chosen what they want to do, they enact their decision, and leave. There are generally three participants during each show, and a game is played with the audience before and after each participant. The games are chosen from a bunch of available games, ideally selected and massaged in consultation with someone at each venue, in order to pick ones that would best suit their audience. Each game is introduced as it is about to be played, with examples of each game given first by Finn from her own experiences.


Review quotes:

"Your words worked! We are going on a date next week. Thank you. I never could have had the courage to ask without you, I know I would have just let this spark go." – Participant “This was magical.” “So lovely and wholesome and sweet.” “AWESOME! I wish I could have come every night.” - Audience members.