Spare Parts Puppet Theatre


Company / Producer Name:          Spare Parts Puppet Theatre 

Production Title:                                The Little Prince 

Contact Person:                                  Hannah Rule

Contact Email:                                    Producer@sppt.asn.au

Company Website:                            www.sppt.asn.au

Show Status:                                       Tour ready 

Genre:                                                  Children & Family / Puppetry 


The Little Prince is an adventure story that celebrates the strength of our imagination speaks strongly about what really matters in life. It isn’t expensive or material things that have the greatest value, it’s the people we form relationships with. 


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's work The Little Prince is based on the classic children's book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. With its timeless message about the importance of forming friendships, The Little Prince is an adventure story that celebrates the strength of a child’s imagination. In this classic children’s book, the Little Prince meets a pilot stranded in the desert and asks the pilot to draw him a sheep. Intrigued by the strange little fellow, the pilot learns how the Little Prince lives on a planet with 3 volcanos and the prince’s beloved Rose. The Little Prince had travelled through the galaxy and had met a king, an accountant and a geographer, he had also tamed his friend the fox and had an encounter with a snake; all before meeting the pilot. Desperate to se his Rose again the Little Prince and the Pilot must find a way to get out of the desert. The conversations the prince has with this strange cast of characters have become famous, being both amusing and profound. The essence of the book’s sweet philosophy is contained in the fox’s famous line: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. In the stage adaptation, a series of entertaining encounters chart the Prince’s fabulous journey and highlight de Saint-Exupèry’s bittersweet insights. As with all Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's work The Little Prince is a show that acts as an starting point for conversation about the human experience. 


Spare Parts productions fuse puppetry, dance, new media, visual arts, music and theatre to create a unique production style. Visual storytelling is key to The Little Prince, as well as the exquisite hand-carved rod puppets designed and made by master puppet maker, Jiri Zmitko. 


Review quotes:

Review quotes “The Little Prince jumps out from boxes and into hearts” Australian Stage “Monitoring the ruckus factor is sometimes the best way to assess if a children's theatre show is holding its young audience. Too high and they're not paying attending; too low and they've been lulled into either slumber of complete submission. At the premiere of The Little Prince it was just right.” The West Australian “A moving puppet adaptation of a classic book, changing the medium without losing its message.” Nerida Dickinson, Australian Stage Online