Let’s forget the word touring!
It’s transactional.
It actually describes how we get to places, not why we do what we do.
It doesn’t represent all relationships/ parties and the reasons it should happen.
It implies the quicker we get around the state the better, but what about impact and leaving a legacy?
Where is the audience is word touring?

 Let’s forget what we “know” about touring?
Let’s forget about planes, trains and automobiles!

The reasons for presenting and creating work have evolved over number of years but we still seem to tour in the same way. What worked then may not work now, and with the growth of “presenting or curating”, what do we need for a bespoke approach for WA to build a better sector?

What do we actually need from each other to make it successful?
What role does the whole ecology play in increasing the sectors influence, success and in bringing in audiences?

What is the end game?

Why are we in the practise formally known as “touring”?
What do producers, presenters, artists and audiences get out of this practice?

 How are we embedding engagement in the process as opposed to an add-on?

How do we work together to provide more engagement beyond Q&A’s and workshops?
How does each of our visits build the community in an upward spiral? Likewise, how are they building the sector in the same way?

How do we each build each other’s audiences? How do we leverage “touring” to help producers grow audiences for each other, to help presenters grow audiences for producers and vice versa and help presenters grow audiences for other presenters? 

Let’s use this as a chance to re-design what we mean and do by “touring”. 

Let’s create a new process/ program and word for what we actually do. Not a word that describes how we get there! 

This is the start of a conversation that will take place during WA Showcase 2019