"Thanks for continuing to be a really important conduit for all regional presenters in “getting the conversation started" with others in the sector." - David Marshall, Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre 

"From the speakers and their vast knowledge, the phenomenal performances and pitches to the new friendships and connections I have made, I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend." - Samara Clark, Festival of the Winds

"Annette Carmichael’s keynote addresses – On point. As a CEDO for an LG a lot of what she offered resonated with me, particularly activating artists in your local community and the community engagement planning tool. John Knell. Too much to mention here but his knowledge and depth of understanding for the issues facing Culture and the Arts in WA was very profound for me and the copious notes I am left to decipher this week are testament to that!" - Esmeralda Harmer, Shire of York

I use to market, I want to engage... spending more time to community engagement and audience development activities. Thanks for a brilliant 3 days! - Sarah Dobson, Broome Civic Centre

"As a new presenter and participant I found the three days eye-opening, energising and informative. I appreciated the contact with colleagues old and new and the opportunity to network and explore these relationships in diverse ways. The interactive discussions, keynote sessions and activities led by your superb team of speakers all assisted in the process of developing a genuine sense of community and collegiality. There was a call to reflect, to action and to change which offered us exciting ideas and new directions! It is also great to hear the pitches and appreciate the depth, diversity and quality of work that is being created here in WA. Working together, exploring new partnerships and building a framework for real social impact within our communities was a strong theme. Thanks again to you and your planning team for creating and delivering such a successful event. "- Sally Richardson, MAXIMA/Steamwork Arts 

"The whole showcase event lifted my spirits and gave me energy to follow my aspirations for Perenjori. Especially Annette Carmichael and John Knell have opened my eyes in how easy Community Engagement can be and what I have to do to be a strong leader. What a fantastic networking opportunity. Thanks to Circuitwest to enable all the presenters to meet with the artists and other funding partners." - Christine Laue - Shire of Perenjori

"As a first timer, it was incredibly promising to be in a room with so many likeminded people and learn so very much.  The production of the 5-year touring strategy represents such an important initiative towards the cohesiveness of our sector and I am excited to see what grows from it. The creation of workshops, showcases, and development of regional producer networks is of particular interest to me as a regional music producer in Kalgoorlie, and would like to express my interest to be part of any conversations pertaining to increasing producer capacity. I used to do everything myself. I want to find the right people to run the now, to allow me to focus on the future." - Ruben Wills, E13

"As a regional Producer/Presenter Showcase WA is the most important industry event I attend in the year. The connections and conversations that happen in this shared space over three days are some of the most important ones to the future of the sector." - Julian Canny, The Comedy Emporium

"Coming to Circuitwest has been an incredible experience. I have been able to connect with artists and presenters from across the state and come away with new ideas for improving culture and the arts in my community. In particular I have been able to connect face to face with other presenters to improve touring through the Wheatbelt, goldfields and South West touring circuit to improve outcomes for our venues, communities, and WA artists." - Emma Davis - Cummins Theatre

"I feel enriched by knowing that I am not isolated I feel empowered by the possibility of collaborating with other venues.  To meet fellow presenters and and a huge number of producers combined with extremely informative keynote speakers made these 3 days an invaluable experience." -  Dev Lenjel, formerly Goldfields Arts Centre

“It provides a great opportunity meet new people in the sector and to reconnect with others from across the state.”

“Wonderful keynote speakers who were both relevant and engaging as well as generous with their networking time.”

“Thoroughly selected keynotes that are relevant to the industry and who can address the ongoing issues/challenges/questions ones might have.”

“The integration of the content across the three main speakers and how they referenced each other’s content. This really added depth to our learning and felt less like a 'conference' touching on many things and more like really useful PD, giving deeper insight and knowledge.”

“My 1st time at the showcase and I really enjoy it, look forward to attending in the future.”

“It is the best market I have attended.”

“A fantastic event to put presenters and producers from WA in one place.”

“I have gained confidence in myself as a potential touring artist and I plan to approach Circuit West and presenters again.”

“CircuitWest conference was 4 days of intense networking, inspirational guest speakers and pitch's that left me exhausted but excited to get back and start on programming and putting in to practice ideas gathered from both the speakers and my peers.”