Sensorium Theatre and Performing Lines WA
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Show Status | In Development

Email Address: rachael@performinglineswa.org.au

Company Website: http://performinglines.org.au/whoosh

Producer Name: Sensorium Theatre produced by Performing Lines WA


Whoosh! is an interactive space adventure that puts children with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and those on the autism spectrum, in the pilot’s seat. An intergalactic journey in a stunning custom-built spaceship, the show will extend our performance methodology by allowing more agency for the audience than previous shows.

Children can push a button to blast off, steer the ship via control panels within the set & choose coordinates for places to visit. The ship encounters an asteroid field & crash lands on the mysterious Planet X –a large-scale multisensory installation kids can explore. Together, audience & performers then repair the ship & return to Earth. Development of this, our third major production, began in 2016 with support from DCA, Australia Council & Major Festivals Initiative.

Whoosh! is a work of ambition & scale utilising a new and unique delivery model to maximise audience capacity. The show is performed without our usual preparatory workshops, instead using a smartphone app (currently in development) to efficiently deliver workshop materials straight to families and teachers. This extends the performance experience by providing interactive resources & mini-games that familiarise audiences with performers and the narrative both before and after the show.