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Producer Name: James Berlyn

Synopsis ( max 1500): yourseven by James Berlyn is a multi-performer, one-on-one promenade show. Based on Shakespeare’s ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech from As You Like It, the seven ages of man concept from that speech is converted into a journey for each audience member through 7 photo booths. The performers use polaroid cameras to capture a moment form the interaction in each booth and present each audience member with a bespoke photograph album of their journey through the work at the conclusion of their performance. The audience wear headphones and listen to a variety of Elizabethan music recordings. The performers don’t speak but communicate with each audience member through a collection of hessian books. Gentle yet evocative the work invites each audience member to reflect upon those stages in life they have already been through and then consider their expectations of those stages of their lives that are yet to come. yourseven was a sell-out hit at the 2018 FRINGE WORLD Festival where it garnered 4.5 Star reviews and won two awards at the FRINGE WORLD Awards (Emerging Artist Award and ECU Performing Arts Award). yourseven can fit up to 30 audience members per night if the company uses two casts of 8 young performers (One cast is capable of 16 audience members per night). Each audience member is admitted every 6-7minutes. Audiences are booked in blocks of two-three per quarter hour (depending on one cast or two).

The work is surprisingly emotional but does not isolate nor challenge those audience members who are unfamiliar with one-on-one work. It is intentionally gentle and the audience quickly understand that they are in safe hands and that the work is about their journey through Shakespeare's seven ages of man. Given that As You Like It is on the WA Drama Curriculum, yourseven is a show that would suit year 11 & 12 drama students as well as adults. It is not suitable for children under 12. It is however a work that is extremely effective at introducing young performers to one-on-one performance and live art/contemporary performance techniques and forms.

Mulit-award winning and critically acclaimed during its first sold-out season, co-produced by PICA for FRINGE WORLD 2018 in Perth, yourseven is a work that is ideally suited for young ensembles of theatre and performance students and practitioners. WAYTCo can offer two versions of the work: A) a full production including a touring party of ten. (Due to the low volume of sellable tickets it is not a work that could recoup its cost even with a strong box office). B) the second option is for the company to send the director and a stage manager to recreate the show on a local ensemble of young performers (minimum 8-9, maximum.16-18). Being part of the WA Drama Curriculum (As You Like It) the text on which the production is based makes the work a compelling experience for year 11& 12 drama students. You are given the opportunity to 'walk' through the seven ages of your life.

Review Quotes (max 3 quotes): “Haunting, immersive theatre…” 4.5 Stars Artshub
“Come and be amazed by yourseven.” 4.5 Stars The Fourth Wall Media
“…it’s a magical experience.” 4.5 Stars Out in Perth