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Artist Day at WA Showcase 4th November 2021

Artist Day at WA Showcase 4th November 2021

October 12, 2021

For them first time in WA Showcase we offer a dedicated Artists Day at WA Showcase. Whilst we believe that the whole event is useful to the whole performing arts sector, we recognise that artists don’t often get a chance to have a day specifically for them – so we present:

Artist Day at WA Showcase!

The day will be made up of two offerings (or three depending how you look at it)

Offer One:

By popular demand we offer the following two workshops with Dr Shona Erskine for Artists only and at completely no cost. Book in to one or both of the workshops to spend a day working on creativity with one of WA’s experts.

1. Micro skills of Creativity: Thursday 4th November     9am – 12pm

Creative practice skills that everyone can engage in no matter the situation. Based in neuroscience and neuropsychology research these skills are framed around building the personal capacity to be creative .

2. Group Creativity : Thursday 4th November      1pm – 4pm

Facilitation processes for working with groups that need to think laterally and produce creative solutions. This module articulates the factors that guide groups towards creative solutions. The skills cover all aspects of the group process from planning, to facilitation, to follow up.

Places are limited and bookings can be made HERE

Offer Two:

As part of WA Showcase 2021 we are offering artists the ability to book in with an experienced mentor to discuss their project, idea, plan or ask a burning question. To make the afternoon available to as many people as we can bookings are limited to one artist, with one mentor for one appointment. You CAN”T book multiple apointments with one mentor or multiple appointments across the range of mentors.

More information can be found at for bios and topic suggestions from our mentors. They will be listed as Artist Mentors.

Please check this out before booking your ticket.

There is no cost attached. You will have to look for your mentor of choice in the ticket list. Bookings can be made HERE