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See who will be at WA Showcase

Aaron Minchin – Red Earth Arts Precinct 

Abbie Pedersen – Annette Carmichael Projects

Ainsley Foulds – Rave About Arts 

Alexandria Fuller – The Gelo Company 

Alison Pinder – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 

Amanda Crewes – The Actors’ Hub 

Amanda Rose – Bridgetown Repertory Club 

Amber Evans – Town of Port Hedland 

Amy Howell – The Blue Room  Theatre

Andrea Miolin – Manjimup Repertory Club

Andrew Frith – City of Greater Geraldton

Anna Sarcich – Flamingo Strings 

Annette Carmichael – Annette Carmichael Productions

Brad Flett – Arts Narrogin 

Bree Hartley – Roleystone Theatre Company 

Brianna Wotzko – AWESOME Arts

Brittany Cover  – Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre

Cait Stewart – Independent 

Cally Galliers – Shire of Ashburton 

Cameron Landsdown-Goodman – CLG Projects

Caro Duca – The Blue Room Theatre

Cecile Lucas – Performing Lines WA

Cheryl Chappell – Lake Grace Artists Group

Chloe Flockart – Independent 

Chrissy Maddison – Independent

Christine Laue – Esperance Civic Centre 

Clara Kotai – UnMuted Productions

Darcy Hay – Funtavia

David Bowman-Bright – North Midlands Project 

David Hardie – Alexandra Theatre Perth

David Marshall – Shire of Harvey 

Dawn Pascoe  – Natural Wings 

Drew Dymond – Albany Entertainment Centre 

Eleanor Davies – Independent 

Elinor King – Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Ella Vervest – Albany Entertainment Centre 

Emma Davis – Harvest Arts WA

Eva Grace Mullaley – Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Findlay MacNish – Education Department of WA

Fiona de Garis – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Gemma Pepper – Audioplay

Georgia Deguara – YUCK Circus 

Grace Hitchin – Harbour Theatre Company 

Guy Boyce – Sensorium Theatre

Heather Dransfield – Audioplay

Helen Kruger – Australian Baroque

Isaac Salter – Head Over Heels

Jane Andel – Bunbury Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Janet McArtney – Albany Light Opera Company 

Janine Oxenham – Independent 

Jen Leys – Performing Lines WA

Jenny Broun – Beverley Station Arts 

Jenny Simpson – AWESOME Arts

Jeremy Smith – Performing Lines WA 

Jess Clancy – Golden Age Productions

Jess Darlow – Perth Festival

Jess Knight – Co3 Contemporary Dance 

Jo O’Dea – Bunbury Fringe 

Jo Sterkenburg – Harbour Theatre 

Joey Walter – Beverley Station Arts 

Julia Nicholls – Independent 

Julian Canny – Euphorium

Julie Cocks – Goldfields Arts Centre 

Julie Flockart – Meridian Regional Arts 

Justin Freind – Koorliny Arts Centre 

Justin Marshman – ARTRAGE

Karen Clarke – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre(BREC)

Kate Bell – Subiaco Arts Centre  

Kathryn Preston – Hale Group International

Katie Henebery – Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Katt Osborne – The Blue Room Theatre 

Kerrie Argent – Lake Grace Artists Group

Kim Crotty – Independent 

Kylie Burton – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Kylie Ward – Stage Left Theatre Troupe

Leni Mosne – Shire of Harvey 

Libby Klysz – Independent 

Lisa Boyd – Shire of  Ashburton

Lisa Woodbrook – Independent 

Lys Tickner – City of Gosnells 

Melanie Aitchison – Jerramungup Community Resource Centre 

Marc Missiaen – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 

Maree Rooney – Manjimup Repertory Club

Margot Edwards – The Wilding Stories

Mary Wolfla – Art on the Move 

Maxine Palmer – City of Busselton 

Meg Shields – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Megan Lemon – Rave About Arts 

Melanie Julien-Martial – Performing  Lines WA 

Meredith Bell – Theatre Kimberley 

Michèlle Lainé – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Michelle Wright – Arts Margaret  River 

Minna Hilton – Euphorium

Miranda Maciver – AWESOME Arts 

Nathan Gardiner – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Nicky Hansen – Margaret River HEART 

Nicole Beard – Shire of Moora 

Nikita Ashford – Margaret River HEART 

Olivia Nicholls – Art on the Move 

Paula Vaughan – Shire of Harvey 

Phoebe Sullivan – Independent 

Pip Moir – Borden Pavillion 

Pippa Davis – Fremantle Theatre Company

Rachael Whitworth – Perth Festival 

Rachel Livingston – Rave About Arts 

Raquel Tacey – Rave About Arts 

Renae Grafton – Albany Light Opera Company. 

Rick Heath – Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA 

Rob Lines – University Theatres 

Robert Benson-Parry – Bridgetown Repertory Club 

Rosie Timperley – Rave About Arts 

Ruben Wills – Euphorium 

Sally Zielke – Town of Port Hedland 

Sam Bowra – Broome Civic Centre 

Samantha Gomme – UnMuted Productions 

Sarah Green – Kaleido Company 

Sarah Mudge – Varley Progress Association 

Sarah Whitby – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre(BREC)

Sean Walsh – Barking Gecko Theatre

Sharon Burgess – ARTRAGE 

Simon Wood – Acrobatch

Simone Mahoney – City of Greater Geraldton 

Siobhan Maiden – Maiden Australia Productions 

Sky River – Folk of the Puppetree

Steph Nicholls – Wind Quintet Plus

Stephanie Kreutzer – Arts Margaret River

Stephanie Reeve – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Steven Cosgrove – Shire of Murchison

Sue Lynch – Melville Theatre Company

Suzanne Clark – Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC)

Sylvia Xiao – Arts Narrogin 

Tammie Reid – Ocean Edge 

Tania Spencer – Lake Grace Artists Group

Theo Costantino – Art on the Move 

Tomás Ford – Independent

Tracy Bachraty – Shire of Cue 

Zalia Joi – High Voltage Performers Boutique 

Susan Clarke – Spare Parts Puppet Theatre