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Produced by CircuitWest, WA Showcase is an annual performing arts industry presentation event where presenters and producers from around the state get to see and hear about the excellent work being made in Western Australia and consider options for presenting shows.

WA Showcase is the key place to start your conversations with people who can get your work seen across WA.

Let’s hear from Ryan Taaffe, CircuitWest’s Executive Director, about pitching at WA Showcase:

Some inspiration for all the artists and producers out there. If you have created some great art, we want you to considering pitching your work at an arts market. Here are some great tips from the best artists, producers and presenters in Western Australia to help you create a great pitch

In 2020, 70% of WA Showcase attendees were state and interstate venues, 30% were producers, artists, service organisations, sponsors and funders.

If you are a professional artist or organisation interested in touring or working regionally then WA Showcase is for you. If you want to experience the best in proffessional development this event is also for you

Pitching involves individual artists or organisations presenting their show to the delegates at WA Showcase. There are 3 different ways in which you can pitch at WA Showcase;

  • CALL ME | A 15-minute “pitch” session for artists and organisations with tour ready work. Including a filmed interview with you.
  • GET TOGETHER |A session designed to allow for a dialogue in a small group providing a forum to support creative projects that require deeper discussion/explanation/understanding and where the project will benefit from or requires a closer relationship between the parties involved. For example, this may be a work in development or discussion of a process or seeking feedback on ideas. These pitches are 30 minutes long and groups rotate between them during the scheduled period.
  • MORE THAN WORDS | 15 min slot comprising 10 minutes for the performance of an excerpt from your production and 5 minutes of context setting.

Any Western Australian artist or organisation can submit a show to be considered for pitching. A curatorial panel of 5 industry experts will consider the applications against a range of criteria and then determine which shows will pitch at WA Showcase.



How will my production/performance be chosen to pitch?

Applications to pitch are assessed by a curatorial panel.

As of 2020 we have aligned our priorities with DLGSC criteria, which are currently used in the assessing the Playing WA grant. The panel will now consider the following when assessing your application:

  1. Quality: Demonstrated by quality of content of your application, stage of development and intent of the work, your support materials, and the skills and experience of the people involved in the activity.
  2. Good planning: realistic, achievable, considered – demonstrated by accurate and realistic budgets, time frames, engagement plans and technical considerations.
  3. Reach: diversity of content and genre or voice, scale of work, flexibility, engagement, participation, where the outcomes align with those of communities/ venues and marketing

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with CircuitWest.


WA Showcase Parking 2021

We’ve created a courtesy map showing the best available parking close to University Theatres.

Please note that most parking areas at UWA are ticketed and you can park for a maximum of 3 hours, so you will need to move your car during the day. Some longer term parking is available on a pay and display basis along Hackett Drive.