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A.B Faceys A Fortunate Life – Theatre 180

A.B Faceys A Fortunate Life – Theatre 180

October 1, 2021

Company / Producer Name THEATRE 180
Contact Person Rebecca Davis
Contact Email info@theatre180.com.au
Company Website: www.theatre180.com.au

Genre: Drama Cinemastage

Award-winning, critically acclaimed CinemaStage production of A.B. ¬†Facey’s iconic West Australian autobiography A Fortunate Life – bringing ¬†together the immediacy of theatre and the visual impact of cinema.

An award-winning, critically acclaimed production of A.B. Facey’s A Fortunate Life. Three actors tell the story and bring over 50 characters to life onstage in front of filmed images of the location, accompanied by a musical score and soundscape. Our approach highlights the essential elements in Bert’s story – those defining moments of hardship, privations, joy and love, that led an abandoned 8 year old boy to find his own way in the world and, after surviving the horrors of Gallipoli, the trials of the Depression and experiencing the worst behaviours in his fellow men, describes his to be ‘a fortunate life’. We tell the story in “episodes”, each titled with a character trait of Facey’s, such as fortitude, persistence & resilience – selecting moments from his life to illustrate how he may have learned those traits. This show is largely about people on the land. It’s a story of our rural heritage; wheat, sheep, pigs, chickens, cattle & orchards .Bert Facey worked with them all. We need to celebrate our stories & communities. There are many stories onstage about the city, but fewer about the country. Yet, when we think about WA we think of the vastness of the regions. We need to see & hear stories about ourselves and share the experience with others. Living on the land can be isolating, & opportunities to come together & celebrate the richness of our stories, especially those that demonstrate our interconnectedness with the natural world, are valuable & life affirming.

The show has three Cast members, an Assistant Stage Manager and Stage Manager in the touring party. For cinema venues, or theatre venues with large enough screens we tour with our own stage, lighting and vocal PA system. We use the venue’s own PA system for surround sound. For venues without screens such as town halls, we also bring our own projector and portable screen. Our equipment fits into THEATRE 180’s trailer if driven by the company. We require the day prior to the performance to bump in / sound check.

A Fortunate Life is an experience like no other – a unique intertwining of the best elements of theatre, film, music, and immersion…The audiovisuals enhance the experience tenfold – this is no mere backdrop, it is an immersion…as though the actors have stepped out of the screen and are viscerally immediate to the audience. LAURA MONEY, FOURTH WALL MEDIA Immaculate adaptation..in a time where there seems to be a global shortage of hope, this message needs to be told. JEMMA KUCHEL, XPress Mag

Duration of performance 1hr 40min
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 6
Remount: $2,700
Weekly Fee: $9,000
Royalties: 11.5%

Date the performance is available from From Jan 2022
No. people in Touring Party 5
First Possible Performance Morning of 2nd Day
Minimum Break Between Shows 75min
Theatre formats Designed for cinema with a thrust stage in front of a screen
Minimum stage dimensions If front projecting : 10m wide x 4m deep / If back projecting: 10m wide x 10-11m deep

Staging and Set Description: We tour with 10 x 1.4m x 1.8m staging panels with adjustable leg heights to create performance area. Projection screen behind the decks with either rear or front projection screen. No set items and minimal props which have multiple uses and create scene set ups.
Lighting requirements We tour with our own lights and lighting trusses
Audio requirements If in a theatre venue then we require standard auditorium set up – Left and Right mix and Access to output channels. If performing in a town hall we provide all of our own audio.
Other technical or performance notes: All control sources run through QLab. Access to venue audio outputs and DMX channels requested if performing in a theatre venue.

What marketing collateral is available? Professional Poster/flyer artwork Video Photographs Sample Media Release Schools Education Pack Reviews, patron comments, regional town feedback letters

What community engagement is possible with this work: ¬†PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: 1) Are You Ready to Perform? Exercises to guide you through performance skills such as voice production, character building, imagination & emotional impact. 2) The World Is Full of Stories – story capture in your community & creating a memoir or theatre piece from oral histories. 3) Showtime! Let’s Get Started – essential steps for creating a production. *Post show Q&A’s available after every performance. We have found a majority of audience members like to stay for these.

We have had audiences from 9 yrs – 100 yrs. This is a show for all ages and gender. It’s suitable for families and appeals to anyone who likes good storytelling. As it’s a quintessential and iconic Australian story the show appeals to theatre goers and non-theatre goers alike.