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ARCO – WA Youth Theatre Company

ARCO – WA Youth Theatre Company

October 1, 2021

Company / Producer Name WA Youth Theatre Company
Contact Person James Berlyn
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Genre: Theatre

A solo performance by self described “austic-gentleman’ and emerging ¬†Adam Kelly about his life. ARCO stands for Autism, Rejection, ¬†Celibacy and Optimism.

Adam has never had a girlfriend, but it doesn’t let it get him down. There is too much in the world that he is curious about and fascinated with. ARCO is Adam’s letter to the world about the normal day to day of young Western Australian man living with autism. Along the way he shares insights from his childhood and finds a way to share with his small audience some aspects of what his living with autism is really like. There are some gentle moments of invited participation and at the end he has his audience standing with him on his “spectrum”.

he show is presented in two versions. ARCO Senior is for adults 15+ show is presented – up to 1500 where ARCO stands for Autism Rejection Celibacy and Optimism and characters) ARCO Junior for families 7+ where ARCO stands for Autism, Rejection Companionship & Optimism. The show is designed to be a flexible and tourable as possible. It can sit in a black box space or equally in a flyer or large classroom so long as it is a space that can be blacked out. The show in this from is designed to use its LX plan but it also could be run without LX and just a small sound system, projector and screen. It is designed for audiences to sit close to Adam in a semi circle of two rows of up to 30. So a max of 60 per show.

In the following work ARCO, co-creator and solo performer Adam Kelly delivers a highly engaging and unflinchingly honest monologue about his personal experiences as a person with autism. It’s a poignant standout performance from Kelly… Seesaw Magazine. FRINGEWORLD AWARDS – ADAM KELLY ECU PERFORMING ARTS AWARD 2020

Duration of performance 40 minutes plus a 15 minute structured Q&A
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 6
Remount: $2500
Weekly Fee: $7550
Royalties: 5%

Date the performance is available from July 2022
No. people in Touring Party Cast 3
First Possible Performance Mid-morning of second day.
Minimum Break Between Shows Three hours
Theatre formats Highly flexible. Required a black-out possible space: from black box studio to classroom.
Minimum stage dimensions 8 x 8
Staging and Set Description: Flat stage with a touring portable projector screen and projector. Audience can be configured in regular raked seating . But if on the flat then two rows of 30 in a semi – circular arrangement on the stage will work best.

What marketing collateral is available? Two poster Images for the Senior and Junior Versions of the show and photos from the first original season. We have other images available.

Adam Kelly is 25 years old and lives with autism and anxiety. He has been a member of WA Youth Theatre Company(WAYTCo) since 2017. He has been in five main stage or site specific shows with the company since then. He was awarded the ECU Performing Arts Award for ARCO at FRINGE WORLD in 2020. James Berlyn has been the AD of WAYTCo since 2017. He is an award-winning performer, director, lecturer and curator of more than 30 years experience nationally and internationally. WA Youth Theatre Company is the peak youth theatre organisation in WA in recent years it has won 9 fringe awards for presented work at FRINGEWORLD and more recently it has also collaborated with Yirra Yaakin and presented BESIDE in 2021 at Perth Festival.

Anyone who has a family member, friend, or colleague who lives with autism. ARCO Junior is not especially for young children who live with autism. Because the show is specific to Adam’s experience. However, Adam is deeply passionate about challenging his audience’s assumptions and awareness of autism