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Beanstalk – Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Beanstalk – Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

October 1, 2021

Contact Person Katie Henebery
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Genre: Children and Family

Everyone knows Jack’s story … but what about the giant’s? Do we really  know what happened that day the ‘Groundler’ Jack turned up unannounced  in the giant’s kitchen? Always the one to get a bad rap … well, Brian (the giant) has had enough and has a very different story to tell!’

Beanstalk is the hilarious retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk from the giant’s point of view. Our version of this much-loved tale takes you into the world of Brian’s kitchen where he cooks up carrots, clouds and stories of his fun and not so fun adventures of life as a giant. For those of you who know the character Jack (the Groundler), you’ll learn to see him in a new and not so flattering light. And for those who are new to this fairy tale, you might not be so quick to judge what it means to be a person of a different size. Beanstalk will have students seeing the world from another person’s perspective and considering how first impressions are not always as they seem! Beanstalk will tantalize your curiosity as you consider the science of cloud creation and the magic of beans, tomatoes and a whole host of fruits and vegetables!

The show is a solo performance, where the lead character is a loaf of bread characters) and the supporting cast is played by a host of fruit and vegetables. The story unfolds using a cleverly devised and constructed set , full of surprises including a magical cloud producing fairy floss machine!

“Beanstalk may only be 50 minutes long, but it is packed with more food puns and clever gaffs than you could poke the proverbial stick at. The writing is so tight and clever that, just as with all the high-budget Hollywood kids flicks, there are hidden gems that keep the parents and adults giggling just as much as the ‘Groundlers’.” 5 stars out of 5 . Victoria Wyatt, ArtsHub
“Very funny, very charming, this was obviously and audibly adored by the youngsters in the audience, but has plenty for grown-ups to love.” Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers

Duration of performance 50min plus a 10 min post show Q &A
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 10
Remount: $30,000
Weekly Fee ($) Fee range from $9,600 -$11,600
Playing Royalties (%) 3.5

Date the performance is available from Mid 2023 onwards
No. people in Touring Party 2 cast + 1 crew = 3 in total
First Possible Performance Bump in 3 hours with LX 1.5 hours without LX
Minimum Break Between Shows 2 hours
Theatre formats Black Box, Proscenium Arch – full tech show *can be adapted to no LX version for small venues
Minimum stage dimensions Stage size (minimum) 5m wide x 5m deep x 2.5 high

Staging and Set Description: The set consists of two wooden self-standing furniture pieces – a kitchen bench and kitchen sideboard. The cast and crew assemble. These pieces fit within a 5m x5m stage area.
Lighting requirements 24 channels
Audio requirements Sound playback from a touring laptop, to be connected to a stereo sound system to suit the venue. Foldback is desirable but not required. Sound and lighting are operated by one technical operator – provided by SPPT..
Other technical or performance notes : 1 venue tech for full lighting show . No tech staff for no LX version

What marketing collateral is available?
Marketing kit ( flyer, poster artwork, sample media release, video, photos, social media campaign, reviews)
What community engagement is possible with this work?
We deliver pre and post-show engagement activities, including a 10 minute Q & A session post show, foyer activities – series of distortion mirrors , a gigantic boot installation with an interactive drawing response activity and free giveaway recipe cards from Brian’s kitchen. We provide Creative Learning Packs for both lower and upper Primary Teachers , with curriculum links, available prior to the tour visit. Additionally, we are interested in working with presenters to develop community engagement activities that meet the needs of individual presenters and their communities. Opportunities for engagement include meet and greet sessions, technical theatre workshops, artist/director talks, puppetry performance workshops, puppet making workshops or any other activities that might suit.

Children Age 5+ and families.