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Beginning At The End (Of Capitalism)

Beginning At The End (Of Capitalism)

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Phoebe Sullivan
Contact Person Phoebe Sullivan
Contact Email

Genre: Theatre

A synthesis of live streaming & live performance, Beginning at the End (of Capitalism) is a retro-futurist sci-fi adventure as one astro-navigatrix Earth  girl journeys to destroy Capitalism. Join Phera, as she fights the battle of  her life; a battle already lost inside a dream worth fighting for.

Phoebe sits backstage on a video call. Phoebe is telling a story about a pair of designer shoes she recently bought from the US, and the rigmarole it took to obtain them. Phoebe is shortly interrupted by another performer onstage, Bobby, and ends the call. Phoebe enters the performance space. Lights come up on Phera facing off with the nefarious Captain Industry, Capitalist Overlord of the galaxy. We learn Phera is on a mission to defeat Captain Industry who has wickedly kidnapped her captured mother, and in doing so, free the people of the galaxy trapped under the weight of this oppressive system. Flashbacks of Phera memories piece together the mystery of her mother’s imprisonment, and Phera’s decision to rescue her, and are spliced together with nail biting battles against Captain Industry’s entourage. At the crucial moment, Phera is miserably defeated and crawls away into her bedroom. Phoebe disrobes into stained PJs and mopes in her room for days. In a haze, Phoebe flits between staring into space, eating and hunting for clothes online. This goes on, until Phoebe’s afore mentioned shoes arrive on her bed. She tries them on, is thrilled, and then filled with instant regret. She leaves the stage. Backstage again, Phoebe begins detailing her fashionista origin story, memories of high school, and the relationship they both have with money and clothes. She closes by professing her deep love for her mother, and that all of this was for her. Form and Style: (Describe how the show is presented – up to 1500 characters) BATE comprises 3 Acts within its 70-minute runtime, beginning first with a Prologue. The prologue is a Zoom call between Phoebe and the audience (only Phoebe is visible). This happens offstage, while the call is projected into the performance space on a large screen. Act 1, begins with a fully operational film set complete with green screens. A three camera setup captures and live streams an epic hero’s journey to its audience. They can choose to watch between the live performance or the composited footage on the screen. This act runs for 30 minutes. Act 2 takes place opposite this contained studio set up. The set is dressed as a neglected bedroom, emblematic of a bleak consumerist reality, where only one camera is used to contrast the high-octane cinematic world prior. This act runs for 30 minutes. The last world is a camera positioned on a dolly that begins offstage & is filmed as a direct address to camera, a video diary for the audience to witness. The camera moves through the set whilst Phoebe details the link between her love of fashion & her mum’s debt.

Duration of performance 70 minutes
Interval No
Maximum performances per week 5
Remount: $13,250
Weekly Fee: $6,500
Royalties: 20%

Date the performance is available from December 2021
No. people in Touring Party 5
First Possible Performance Evening of second day
Minimum Break Between Shows 90 minutes
Theatre formats Black Box

Staging and Set Description: 1 2.5mx2.5mx0.30m rostra, 2x large green screen cloths, PVC pipe rigging for green screens, 4mx2.75m white screen, king single bed, mini bar fridge, IKEA furniture (lamp, circular carpet)

Lighting requirements Ceiling rig with an assortment of LEDs, fresnels, parcans
Audio requirements 2 overhead speakers, positioned so they’re facing the audience
Other technical or performance notes : 3 techs required for bump in. The ability to set up an “offstage” performance space that can be close to the operating desk is preferred, for cabling aspects.

What marketing collateral is available? – Poster/flyer artwork – Promo trailer and production trailer – Media release – Digital program – Production shots

What community engagement is possible with this work:
BATE addresses timely & pressing questions as we (some of us) move out of a world constrained by the pandemic. How we move forward from here, as individuals, a society, & an artistic sector, is a question weighing on our minds. Will we return to the easy but disastrous norms that defined our lives before, or might we find new ways to work and interact with each other? We hope that BATE will add to this conversation in constructive and exciting ways. Potential community engagements that arise from this include a Community in Conversation style workshop, discussing and sharing issues, experiences and advice around money, debt, and our collective future. Led by the BATE’s team of artists, community members will be invited to engage in informal discussion around personal experiences, first in small groups and then as a larger whole. Led by a series of provocation, this 2.5hr experience is designed to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding money and offer support. This is not a counselling session, although contact details to mental health services such as Beyond Blue will be sign posted, but more an opportunity to begin complex and often shame-inducing conversations without judgement. Another avenue for engagement is leading a workshop for artists that involve theatre-making techniques combined with tech. BATE has a large audio-visual and technical element, an aspect tp the work that has been developed in tandem with the performance itself. BATE’s core artists, Georgi Ivers, Bobby Russell and Phoebe Sullivan will design a 3hr workshop that serves as an introduction to these methods of making. By splitting participants into small groups, they will be tasked with devising a small 5-minute work that can incorporate the use of cameras, green screen, special effects (forced perspective or otherwise). BATE’s team will guide them through how to start with a core concept and bring that idea to life with the assistance of tech.

The target demographic for this work is 18-45 year olds that are socially & politically engaged. Our audience is a growing demographic, hungry for art that speaks to their concerns and does so in an ethical way.