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Phoenix – Kaleido Company

Phoenix – Kaleido Company

September 29, 2021

Company / Producer: Name Kaleido Company
Contact Person: Sarah Green
Contact Email:
Company Website:

Genre: Circus

A 30 minute display of jaw-dropping aerials and acrobatics complete with daring fire displays.

Ever seen a trapeze act in a ring of fire? Or a silks artist fly through the sky, controlled by an artist running up and down a ladder? How about foam that lights on fire? Catch all of this and more in Fire and Aerial Show. Fire and Aerial Show is a spectacle production that brings unique aerial and fire displays to audiences near and far. There is no strict storyline but this does not mean you won’t be taken on a journey or remain perched on the edge of your seat for the duration of the show. Incredible skill and athletic prowess possess these performers, who also find moments to bring dramatic turns, lighthearted humour and stunning displays of flexibility and grace. Bearded man Mat, eats fire with no fear for the loss of his facial hair, while Sarah and Maisie grace audiences with a stunning duo aerial act on a custom-designed apparatus. With a rotating line-up the acts are not set in concrete, however you can be sure that performers will give it their all and bring to you the best of what they have to offer. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the footage and what others have had to say.

From the creators of Imaginaerial and 80’s Mixtape, Fire and Aerial Show is our most toured work. From Tom Price to Esperance and Yalgoo, we can take this production anywhere with an open space and a power supply. The production was first developed for Nameless Festival back in 2019, to bring a wow factor to the event and present locals with world-class aerial acts. Since then it has evolved into many forms to suit low ceiling venues without the fire component, to theatre sized spaces where artists can fly even higher by unique means. The beauty of this work is that it is highly adaptable to suit almost any event or theme and can be dialled down for children or spiced up for more mature audiences. Originally a female duo, we have recently created a male-female variety which provides us with greater touring availability and show variety. Factor in a half hour after the show for us to hang around for a meet-and-greet, as well as inviting locals to get up close and personal with the fire in some fire tracing. Fire and Aerial Show contains a strong visual element and is suitable for audiences with hearing impairments or without a comprehensive understanding of the English language.

Duration of performance 30 minutes 
Interval No 
Maximum performances per week 14 
Does this show require a remount? No 
Weekly Fee ($) $8,774  


Date the performance is available from Available now 
No. people in Touring Party 3 (2 performers, 1 tech/stage hand) 
First Possible Performance 3hrs after bump-in 


Minimum Break Between Shows Theatre formats 1 Hour

All formats pending they meet the spacing requirements (see below) 

Minimum stage dimensions 8x8m footprint 7m height 
Staging and Set Description (up to 1500 characters) Aerial rigging points or portable structure pending venue specifics. 
Lighting requirements BYO – We can tour with all of our own gear and operate from side of stage! 
Audio requirements BYO – Show runs at the hit of a play button from start to finish. We have a 6000mHa PA which is suitable for most spaces (think the City of Perth at NYE), however we are always open to having more speakers added on for large open spaces, or jumping onboard systems already in place for the event. 


What marketing collateral is available?
Social media advertising, flyers and poster artwork, photography and videography, media release.

What community engagement is possible with this work?
Available to run circus workshops throughout the week. Kaleido Company is an arts and health organisation that seeks to promote mental health through increasing engagement in the arts. Our workshops are designed around engagement, having a go and celebrating uniqueness. Producer and performer Sarah Green has a background in psychological sciences and public health and seeks to bring this into all aspects of Kaleido Company. Please contact us for further information on this. Coupling performances with social circus workshops enables the community to experience circus for themselves in an interactive and engaging manner. Please see attached document under Presenter Resources for the benefits of circus on mental well-being. We love spending time within the community either side of performances as it helps us connect with locals and engage in conversations surrounding the production. Community activities can be as simple as a meet-and-greet with performers or an arranged school visit or workshop.

Fire and Aerial Show is for audiences that want to be “wowed”, who want a bit of spectacle in their evening. Best suited to young adults or families with school-aged children. We often find ourselves inspiring young girls who are interested in dance or gymnastics, or simply find aerials magical and fairy-like. Young adults whether in solo or family units are well-suited as they are excellent at identifying and appreciating both the athleticism and artistic elements of the production. xWG