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Golden Age Girls – Golden Age Productions

Golden Age Girls – Golden Age Productions

September 30, 2021

Company / Producer Name Golden Age Productions
Contact Person Amy Fortnum
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Cabaret/Music Theatre

From the classy ‘Women’s Rotary Bowling Country Club’ to their wild  ‘Funeral Extravaganza’, Golden Age Girls embraces singing, tap dancing,  dark comedy and ridiculous cliché.

Despite their modern upbringing, young sopranos Ruth and Irene crave the glamorous life that accompanied the Golden Age of Music Theatre. After characters.) competing to become the most booked performer for the over 55’s community, they find an alternative calling in the funeral industry. After 15 years of funeral extravaganzas, the business that kept star sopranos Ruth and Irene afloat for fifteen years has dried up. Now, the pressure is on for their daughters to step into the spotlight. Unfortunately, Judy and Barbara refuse to live in their mother’s shadows, which only reignites Ruth and Irene’s deadly, unquenchable thirst for fame. Featuring tap dancing, comedy, and original music alongside hits from the Golden Age of Broadway, Golden Aged Girls is sure to have you dancing in your seat, reminiscing with nostalgia and crying from laughter. In the words of Kimberly Shaw, Golden Aged Girls is “highly recommended for lovers of classic music theatre and admirers of clever cabaret”.

An ode to the Golden Age of Broadway, Golden Age Girls combines elements of musical theatre and cabaret to create a unique, fast-paced, dark comedy. With just a piano and stool on stage, the performers shift between direct audience address in the traditional cabaret style, and theatrical re-lived key moments of the character’s pasts, in an immersive, performative manner. Simple lighting and musical cues are used to signal these transitions, creating the witty contrast of captivating drama, then sharply breaking the fourth wall, keeping audiences on their toes. Simple costumes and beautiful music accompany tap dancing, waltzing and singing, transporting audiences into a 1950’s Judy Garland concert. This starkly contrasts the chaotically hilarious funeral extravaganza medleys, starring chart-topping radio hits such as ‘Another One Bit the Dust’ and ‘Staying Alive’ in wonderfully inappropriate ways. Think, ‘The Sound of Music’ meets ‘Chicago’ meets a Sunday afternoon tea party. This production can be presented in two ways. Firstly, as a one act Morning Melodies Cabaret that focuses on the Golden Age of Broadway tunes and ends with a hilariously shocking funeral extravaganza. The show has also been presented as two act musical, more suited for an evening performance, in which the story further unfolds to include the daughters of the original characters, Ruth and Irene, and delves into a darker place .with great comedic benefits.

Duration of performance:  One act cabaret (morning melodies): 50 minutes. Two act musical: approx. 2 hours with interval Maximum performances a week: 8

Remount: TBC
Weekly: TBC
Royalties: 10%

Date the performance is available from From end of Jan 2022
No. people in Touring Party 3
First Possible Performance Two hours after bump in and tech.
Minimum Break Between Shows 2 hours
Theatre formats : Any
Minimum stage dimensions (metres) Minimum 5m wide x 3.5m deep – must have solid flooring for tap dancing

Staging and Set Description: Simple and minimalistic: one upright piano sits centrestage, one moveable stool sits stage right of the piano. The show works best when we are able to tap dance on the stage flooring but has been modified when this is not available.
Lighting requirements Simple overhead lighting rig, ability to create general blue wash and blackout, minimum of four movers Audio Requirements 3x high quality head mics, laptop playback for single music cue, tuned upright piano (keyboard will suffice but is not preferred), foldback speakers.
One technician required.

What marketing collateral is available?
Professional images, short showcase video, sample demos, 2019-21 media releases, flyer can be made, review quotes from previous seasons

Please describe any community engagement you can offer with this work:
The cast of Golden Age Girls have a lot of experience in performing for and socialising with people in Aged Care groups and facilities. We love performing songs on request, and need little technical requirements to do so (primarily, a keyboard). The cast enjoy attending morning teas or lunches with their target audience demographic and listening to their stories, which may inspire future works! While on tour, the cast would love to perform at any local Aged Care Facilities or Lifestyle Villages who would be interested in a performance or singalong to accompany their morning tea, afternoon tea or lunch. This type of community engagement could extend to singing with local choirs or hosting workshops with local theatre groups, sharing their experiences to provide an insight into the life of an artist. Amy holds over fifteen years experience in teaching music, dance and workshopping music theatre students. Jackson currently music directs for many school shows around the Perth CBD.

Golden Age Girls naturally appeals to a more mature demographic. We have found that a majority of our audiences have been women over the age of 50 years. This audience can sometimes feel removed from the modern theatrical world and seem to appreciate the classical musical theatre music and vocal style. The musical genre and current marketing materials attract those who grew up with the Golden Age of Broadway and enjoy the nostalgia the show basks in. As a standalone 50 minute cabaret, Golden Age Girls has been well received by Morning Melody audiences throughout the Perth and Peel region. We have found that the over 60’s crowd enjoy laughing at the dark themes of the show, relishing in the relatability of the content with an acceptance of the nearing end of life. However, the show has also received rave feedback from a younger theatre-inclined crowd, due to the fast-paced, dark humour and dramatically comedic characterisation presented on stage. This suggests a great flexibility, as the show can be presented in two variations at one venue; as a short morning melodies performance and a two act musical cabaret in the evenings.